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Saturday Sushi – Sushi Bar Bazel

2 Jul

Update July 2013: The place is closed.

Getting crave to fishes @the see with our underwater camera

Getting crave to fishes @the see with our underwater camera

Every year, when the spring is in the air, we are getting re-addicted to the beach. And every time we return from the beach we have a strong crave for fish…  This time we were in a bit of a hurry so we decided to go for a quick sushi meal in Sushi Bar Bazel.

One time Adi told us that Tel Aviv has one of the highest ratio of Sushi places per resident in the world. Some of them are exceptional, some of them are good and some of them are bad. Sushi Bazel is somewhere on the middle of the scale – good with reasonable (a bit high) prices.

Quiz: Which of these salads is tasteless

Quiz: Which of these salads is tasteless

We started with two salads – Tuna salad & Wakame salad. The Tuna salad was actually pieces of Tuna fish with a good sauce.  The Wakama was just tasteless.

Inside-Out Tuna Avocado

Inside-Out Tuna Avocado

Inbar took inside-out tuna avocado sushi role – 6 piece role, exactly what you would expect, nothing less nothing more. Shahar had to wait until we finish eating to get his main course – Toro Skewer – one of the day’s specials, which was actually a fine Tuna Skewer. We waited so long for the skeweer, that the waitress volunteered to give us the dish on the house. Shahar thought it was worth waiting because he really liked its taste.

Tuna Skewer – Worth waiting

Tuna Skewer – Worth waiting

All in all Bazel is a nice place for by-the-way sushi, nothing fancy.

The Check Please (2 persons)

Wakame Salad – 21 NIS
Tuna Salad – 45 NIS
Inside-out Tuna Avocado – 27NIS
Toro Skewer – 0 NIS (On the house)
Soda water – 11 NIS
Coca – 12NIS

All in all – 115 NIS


Food: Sushi and more
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Bazel

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Sushi Bar Bazel

Address:  20 Ashtori Haparchi, Tel Aviv|
Phone:  057-9442906 | Daily 12:00-00:00 |


Almost at Home – Rustico

3 Jan

Everyone wants to have a neighborhood restaurant he or she can just take a sweater and head down to sit the regular table and have the regular course which will always be executed the same way. Though sounds a little boring, such a place can provide a very good default when you just don’t have the strength to start cooking or you’re just too damn hungry. Rustico Bazel, with its solid execution, relaxing atmosphere and location, is getting quite close.

Rustico is an Italian place, where Bazel is its second location (first one in Rotshield). The Bazel location, as well as the staff attitude, feels very welcoming and neighborhood-like (not only because it’s close to home). The times where we sat down and ate in Rustico, we always had the same feeling regarding food quality and execution – not amazing but rather quite solid.

Take the Lasagna for example. Rustico’s Lasagna is very much what you would expect as a fulfilling Italian lunch. Though the Bechamel sauce wasn’t much noticed, it felt very much straight from the oven, along with tasty tomato sauce and quality melted cheese.

Gnocchi and Shrimps

Gnocchi and Shrimps in a Lemon butter sauce, though coming from the days’ special, felt also like another day in the (solid) office. While Rustico’s Gnocchi is nothing compared to Toto’s, it is moist and not sticky. Though the shrimps are not more than OK, the sauce is another one Rustico simply won’t fail with.

Seabass Escabeche

It was rather the Seabass Escabeche with vegetables that did not come from the same neighborhood and, though not bad at all, was a little boring and failed to put a big impression on us.


Profiteroles as dessert, ordered from the specials as well, were very sweet, very chocolaty (and too heavy) but showed that Rustico, despite being a very solid with its execution and food quality, is too expensive to call a neighborhood restaurant. We will come back. Just not that often.

The Check Please (2 people)

Seabass Escabeche – 38 NIS
Gnocchi and Shrimps – 69 NIS
Lasagna – 62 NIS
Profiteroles – 41 NIS
Coke – 12 NIS
San Pellegrino – 13 NIS

All in all – 253 NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Bazel

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Rustico
Address:  42 Bazel st. Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6026969 |
Sunday –Saturday 12:00-00:00 |

See also previous review – A Rustic Breakfast – Rustico

A Rustic Breakfast – Rustico

19 Dec

Bread Basket

As you may already understand, eating breakfast in Tel Aviv is one of our favorite Friday morning activities. This time we had chance to visit the vibrant Bazel area, which is full of good cafés. Although the wide selection of breakfast in the area, we were invited by Zipi & Shaul, familiar guests in our blog, to an Italian restaurant named Rustico. This restaurant worth a different post for their regular menu but this post will focus on their breakfast.

The breakfast menu in Rustico includes 4 different sections:  Frittata, Rustico Eggs, Scacciatina (hot focaccia sandwich) & Dolce. Each section contains several dishes. The four of us decided to focus on the Rosico eggs & the Frittatas. “Rustico eggs” is dish of oven baked eggs in one of their stew of your choice.  It is served with fresh vegetable salad, 3 types of cheese, aioli paste, bread, butter, jam, coffee and natural juice or Lombrusco Rose wine.

Three of us chose to take this dish with stew of peppers, tomato & spicy salami. The dish is actually very similar to Shakshooka and a bit spicy, most of us liked it. The other dish was the Frittata, which is thick omelet served with similar sides as the Rustico eggs. The chosen frittata was served with potatoes & onion (we skipped the bacon that was originally part of the dish). This dish was described as “very good” by Shaul. As we already mentioned, the courses are served with sides. The bread & the cheese that was served next to it were good and testy. 3 Cappuccinos and one macchiato sealed the deal – this was a good option for Friday morning. We will come back but this time for the regular menu.

Shahar & Inbar

The check please (4 people)

3X Rustico eggs – 174 NIS
Frittata – 58 NIS

All in all – 232




Food: Italian (we took breakfast)
Price: Medium
Location: Bazel

Contact details: Rustico

Address:  42 Bazel Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6026969
Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-24:00 | Friday-Saturday 08:30-24:00 (Breakfast is served 8:30-12:30).
English menu here: http://www.rustico.co.il/bazel/eng_menu/index.html

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

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