Chinatown #2 – Long Sang

9 Sep

When we walked out of China Court, Ron said that next time we will go to a better Chinese restaurant. I was quite happy with China Court, but Ron said that he eat there with his Japanese girlfriend and she was amazed from their Fish. Three weeks later we found ourselves in Long Sang, located in Allenby Street. With no hesitations, Ron asked for the “Black menu” and our journey began.

Wonton Dumplings

Wonton Dumplings

We have started with Wonton dumplings filed with meat and Chinese salad. The dumplings, escorted by tasty sauce, melted in our mouth. The sweet salad wasn’t very interesting but it was there just to add some vegetables to the dinner.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Shahar, didn’t eat with us on our previews Chinese experience, decide to check the “Peking Duck” dish. Ron and I have shared a dish from the black menu – Seafood and noodles soup. I must admit that although I liked the dish on China Court, it was much better here. The duck was sliced to thicker pieces was much juicy. The sauce, pancakes and vegetables that were severed with it were quite similar.

Seafood and noodles soup

Seafood and noodles soup

The soup was amazing. and spicy. I usually don’t eat soup in the hot and humid summer of Tel Aviv, but this dish was perfect for me. The soup includes Shrimps, Calamari and noodles cocked in a spicy broth. Ron said that was a bit to spacy for him but I thought it was good amount.

We didn’t ordered any desert but we were served complimentary Watermelon and Melon that were just the right fit or desert after the hot soup.

The next time we will have eager for Chinese food – we will definitely come back to here.

The Check

The Check Please (3 people) 

Salad – 30NIS
Wonton Dumplings – 28NIS
Peking Duck – 98 NIS
Soup – 78NIS
2 X Tsingtao Beer – 66NIS

All in all 300 NIS

The Cizer Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

3.5 Forks


Food: Chinese
Price: Medium
Location: Allenby

Contact Details: Long Sang

Allebny 15, Tel Aviv | +972-57-9438886| Monday- Saturday 12:30-23:00


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