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Christmas at Munich

30 Mar


It have been more than three months ago, and it was business not pleasure, but we really enjoyed our stay in the great city of Munich. It was the beginning of December and we arrive just in time to experience the preparation of Christmas celebration.



We stayed in Unterschlisem, 20 minutes train ride from Munich, as Inbar was on a training at Microsoft office. Unterschlisem is quite boring city so we have found ourselves on the train to Munich every night. The biggest advantage of the hotel we stayed in was that we found out that Bayern Munich players are preparing to their games in our hotel.

Karlplatz to Marienplatz

Between Karlplatz to Marienplatz

Between Karlplatz to Marienplatz

Most of our visit, walking and shopping was between these two main plazas.

Augustiner Großgaststätten



Walking between Karlplatz to Marienplatz, we found the Augustiner. Large restaurant, in which you share your table, eat sausages and drink a beer. In general, this sums up the experience in most of (tourist) German restaurants we have visited. We had the Augustiner beer, Bavarian beer that was very nice. http://www.augustiner-restaurant.com/

Augustiner Beer

Augustiner Beer




Very cool market, most of it is food (meat), fruits and flowers. We drank there Gluhwein for the first time in our visit. Gluhwein is hot red wine and it seems to be very popular to drink it at this time of the year. Lots of street counters were selling red wine and eggnog and many people stops for a short warming break.



We also ate a bun filled with piece of meat. For us, eating “Dry” sandwich is quite weird because we are used to rich, full-of-vegetables sandwiches along with some sauce or paste. Nevertheless, we found out that fresh bun, with good meat and a bit of mustered on the side, was quite satisfying.

Fresh bun with good meat

Fresh bun with good meat

Xmas Market

Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration

Most of our meals in Munich were on counters located on the street and not in restaurants, as we used to. As I mentioned before, it was December and the streets were full of counters selling food and Christmas decoration. We had some fried potatoes (Pommes Frites), Hot Chestnuts, Banana and strawberry topped with hot chocolate on a skew and many more.

Pommes Frites

Pommes Frites


Huge touristic restaurant with impressive history of over a decade homemade beers and Bavarian Bands playing traditional music. We eat nice Shpetzli and very good Schweinshaxe (pork leg). http://www.hofbraeuhaus.de/

Hofbräuhaus Beer

Hofbräuhaus Beer


We had a chance to meet in Munich our Mexican friend, Luis. We scheduled a dinner with him and he brought another friend from Australia, whom he met in his hostel.  We had a nice dinner and eat some very good food: Pizza, Fish and Shpetzili again. http://www.restaurant-oliveto.de/

Tollwood Market

Famous Christmas market with lots of food counters, music, drinks and clothes. Unfortunately. We forgot to take the camera that day. http://www.tollwood.de/en/

Nam Giao 31

Nam Giao

Nam Giao

We’ve decided to end our journey at the restaurant that is located on the 1st place in Trip Advisor for Munich. Ambitious, I know but definitely worth it. It is a small, family-run Vietnamese restaurant that cooks their traditional food. Because of its size, one must book a table ahead. Everything we ate there was perfect and very tasty. It was only when we got back to Tel Aviv we found out that the Asian restaurants are now a big hit in town as well. http://www.namgiao31.de/

Nam Giao

Nam Giao

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Allianz Arena

Though we usually write about food, we do want to share some other exciting events. Being at the Alianz Arena is definitely one of them. We had the chance to go to a Bayern Munich game in the Champions League. This was amazing (cold) experience, and we were lucky to be in the crowd when Bayern beat Bate Borisov 4:1. Amazing Stadium, Amazing crowd and Amazing team. Go Bayern!

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Overall we can say we really enjoyed this business trip. Thanks to my colleagues, Steve and Annkathrin for their recommendations.

Just Us

Just Us


Beer Heaven – Porter & Sons

12 Jun

You can’t find many American style diners in Israel. There’s probably a reason why the diner style never caught for real outside of the US and it’s probably the lack of quality, in any perspective. Even though, few diner style restaurants are trying their luck in Tel Aviv while bringing some message stating food quality doesn’t have to suck. Porter & Sons is one.

70 Different Kinds of Beers

70 Different Kinds of Beers

Few places I’ve been to around the world offer more than a few draft beers. “Porter & Sons”, located in the Harba’a Street offer no less than 70 different kinds of them. Wow. Belgian, American, Israeli, German, English and many other draft beers decorate the bar along the restaurant. There’s even a small chalkboard guiding you how to find your desired beer. After checking out the Chimay Triple and the St. Bernardus we definitely approve.

Market Salad

Market Salad

The owners of Porter & Sons didn’t stop their investment at the taps. The Menu is fully combining with the beer options and varies from Cheese or Charcuterie plates to Fish & Chips and Rib Eye Steak. Though the food isn’t the cheapest it’s quite value for money and it surly feels there’s a chef behind the bar.

House Sausages

House Sausages

Other than the Market Salad, that wasn’t special and didn’t leave a mark, we checked out the House Sausages – 3 types of homemade sages with beans. The sausages were fat, juicy and very much fulfilling along with the beans. You wouldn’t find many better sausages out there. The Spare-Ribs continued with the same line that shows the chef doesn’t have to be creative to execute well. The classic Pork Ribs were served with an (again, classic) barbeque sauce and corn on the cob.

Spare Ribs

Spare Ribs

Porter & Sons is perfect – if you know what you expect. It isn’t a romantic place neither much of a trendy one or with the most original food. As an American Style diner, having an amazing selection of Beers and a well-executed menu to match, it is one of the best.

The Check Please (2 persons)
Market Salad – 24 NIS
House Sausages – 69 NIS
Spare Ribs – 86 NIS
St. Bernardus – 30 NIS
Chimay Triple – 36 NIS

All in all – 245 NIS


Food: Whatever suits Beef
Price: Expensive
Location: Ha’arbaa

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Porter & Sons
Address:  14 Ha’arbaa, Tel Aviv| Phone:  03-6244355 |
Daily 12:00-Late

Our Friend – Yedidia

24 Jan

Just moments before the week has started we set for a drink with our friends Adi and Tomer. We decided to go to a bar in Florentin neighborhood, which lately seems to have wide selections for the nightlife enthusiasts. It was a cold and rainy night and the small neighborhood bar fitted our needs.

Shahar & Tomer took half liters of a seasonal Samuel Adams – a fruity version of the usual Samuel Adams.  Adi took her usual – Weihenstephan beer and Inbar took a glass of Gewurztraminer wine.

The Bar

Not as our usual, we did not focus on the food, that much. We took the 3 mini beef burgers and 3 mini lamb burgers – which were quite usual burgers deep fried in oil. In addition, Tomer and Adi took the Mexican Chorizo – a sausage made of beef with peppers and was served with homemade mustered.

We all agreed that the food was OK, the booze was good and the place was warm and nice. We will be back.

The check please (4 people)

Mini beef burgers – 36 NIS
Mini lamb burgers – 39 NIS
Mexican Chorizo – 26 NIS
Seasoned Samuel Adams – 2 X 28 NIS
Gewurztraminer (glass) – 28 NIS
Weihenstephan – 28 NIS

Total: 213


Food:  Bar
Price:  Medium
Location: Florentin

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3 Forks

Contact details: Yedidia
Address:  4 Yedidia Frenkel Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 057-9443946|
Opening Hours:  19:00-Late (Fridays from 21:00)
http://www.rest.co.il/sites/Default.asp?txtRestID=11424 (no English version)

Home Sweet Home – La Maison

25 Dec

Update July 2012: The place have closed its doors.

La Maison

For those of you who are looking for some healthy food, you can kindly get yourselves out before we start. This post will be fat, full of cholesterol & quite greasy – just admit that’s the way you like it.

Some of you probably had this dream once, that when you retire, you’ll open a deli up on the mountains, sell some quality cheeses & sausages and enjoy the rest of your days skiing around. The owners of La Maison, just next to Tchernichovsky 6, did just that only in Tel Aviv where no mountains are around…


La Maison (Home in French), is a deli at daytime and – adding 4 tables & a bar – a restaurant- charcuterie at night. Though when you walk in the restaurant you immediately feel it’s not just a charcuterie, it is definitely somebody’s dream. A worm smiley welcome, a wooden décor and an open kitchen can be seen by everyone makes you feel at home.

La Maison specializes in sausages, sliced or grilled, and it shows on the menu. You can mix up to 10 different kinds of sliced homemade sausages to a plate (though each is priced on its own). You can also have one of the 3 grilled sausages as well as other varied courses such as sweetbreads, pork steak, mussels with smoked goose breast and much more.

Goose Prosciutto

We decided to focus on the sausages: Gal, which is a fan of German style sausages, took the grilled pork sausage which came along with a potato mash and mustard, while I (Shahar) took the French-style Boden sausage (blood sausage) which came along with roasted apple slices with bacon. WOW is all we could say about those two courses. It was 2 perfectly cooked-homemade-full of taste sausages. My only regret was that we ate them so fast I didn’t remember to take their picture (sorry). A third litre of a superb Duvel beer for each of us was a great escort to the courses.
Since our hunger was yet to die away, we also grabbed a goose prosciutto plate which was very good, yet way too greasy for us in that stage.

To sum this visit up, I would definitely go back to La Maison and I would almost call it a “home” if I didn’t think it would seriously harm my health. Visiting once in a while would make a fair compromise.

The check please (2 people)

Pork Sausage w/ potato mash – 57 NIS
Boden blood Sausage w/ roasted apple & bacon – 54 NIS
Goose Prosciutto slices – 34 NIS
2 X Third-Litre Duvel – 52 NIS

All in all: 197 NIS


Food: Charcuterie
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Tchernichovsky (The golden triangle of King George – Allenbi  (Ha Carmel market) & Bugrashov)

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

4 Forks

Contact details: La Maison

Address:  1 Tchernichovsky Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6206022
Opening Hours (as restaurant): Sun-Thu 19:00-23:30 Fri 18:00-23:30 Sat Closed
No Webpage

Tel Aviv Food Awards

28 Nov

This is the time to introduce you to our bible. If Tel Aviv is our religion and in food we trust then Time Out Tel Aviv is our bible. This week the magazine has published the winners in its annual food awards.  In this post we will not tell you about one place we love but rather introduce you to the winners. We hope, in the future, to document these places in our blog as well. If you’re looking for a place, this can be a good starting point. Please notice that not all the links here supply information in English.

The best restaurant: Herbert Samuel .

The best new restaurant: 1 Ha’am Tapas.

The chef of the year: Eyal Shani.

The best exclusive restaurant: Catit.

The bar with the best food: Messa.

The best Italian restaurant: Mel & Mishel .

The best meat restaurant: Yoezer Bar Yain (Yoezer wine bar).

The best Asian restaurant: Bait Tahilandi (Tahi House).

The best fish and sea food restaurant: Manta Ray.

The best tapas restaurant: Tapeo.

The best bistro: Brasserie.

The best kosher restaurant: Liliot.

The best ethnic restaurant: Edna.

The best healthy / vegetarian / vegan restaurant: 24 rupee.

The best “value for money” restaurant: Segev Express.

The best restaurant chain: Giraffe.

The best sandwich: Ruben.

The best children friendly restaurant: Moses.

The best pizzeria: Tony Vespa.

The best burger: Agadir.

The best ice cream / yogurt: Anita.

The best hummus: Ali Karavan (Abu Hassan).

The best café: Hatachtit.

The best upbeat restaurant: Nanuchka .

The best restaurant for a date: Nana Bar.

The best wine bar: Habasta.

The best beer bar in the city: Porter & Sons.

The best bakery / patisserie in the city: Dalel’s bakery.

The best delicatessen: Hinnawi butcher & meat delicacy.

The best breakfast: Benedict.

The best late night: Dixie.

The best restaurant bar: Social Club.

The best restaurant on the beach: Manta Ray.

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