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Was (not) Born in the USA

17 Mar

But it doesn’t mean I can’t write about it… Last month I was in the US for a business trip. I started in Seattle where I had attended Microsoft’s conference – TechReady 14 – an amazing experience with the best sessions on the newest technology.  But eating in Seattle is not something the write about. We did eat at the Cheesecake factory and Ruth’s Chris and hang a lot at the Tap House Grill (which seems to be the only place to drink beer after 10 PM).

But the interesting culinary staff happens in New York. On my way home I did stopped in New York for a short vacation.  I wanted to share with you several places I liked.

New York, New York

New York, New York

Topaz Thai Restaurant

I had arrived to the city in the late afternoon and I was hungry. I wanted something tasty and close by. The nice girls in the reception of Wellington Hotel recommended on Topaz – Thai restaurant located on the 56th street. For starter I received a kind of complimentary potato chips that were served with a very tasty Thai sauce based on peanuts. For main dish I ordered traditional Thai dish of stir-fried rice. Nice restaurant if you are around and looking for an oriental bite.

Topaz Thai Restaurant
127 W 56th St (between Avenue Of The Americas & 7th Ave), New York, NY 10019

Saju Bistro

On the next day I was walking around Times Square, looking for breakfast, a real one, not eating something on the street while standing. I sat on the bar for brunch at Saju Bistro and ordered the Eggs Florentine that was served with English muffins, Fresh Spinach and Hollandaise sauce. That was exactly what I was looking for; alongside with fresh orange juice I was ready to start my morning in New York.

Saju Bistro
120 W 44th Street New York, NY, 10036 | http://www.sajubistro.com/

Eggs Florentine @Saju Bistro

Eggs Florentine @Saju Bistro

Lombardi’s Pizza

On that evening I had tickets to the Spider-Man show – “Turn off the dark” on Broadway. Beforehand I had to eat something and since I was already in little Italy I thought pizza would be the best choice. Lombardi’s Pizza is a well-known institute since 1905. The place has a very warm atmosphere and the tables have the traditional white and red maps. The pizza itself was very good (and huge for one person). Note that they will not accept credit card, so be prepared with cash.

Lombardi’s Pizza
32 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 | (212) 941-7994 |http://www.firstpizza.com/

Since 1905 - Lombardi's Pizza

Since 1905 - Lombardi's Pizza


For the second breakfast I decided to check another well-known institute on Soho (not far away from the previous one) – Balthazar. While seating there I couldn’t help comparing the place to the Israeli Brasserie of R2M, it seems that I have found their inspiration. Nevertheless, it didn’t reduce any of my pleasure eating their Eggs Benedicts and drinking their amazing espresso.

80 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012 | (212) 965-1414 | http://balthazarny.com/

Did someone said Brasserie?

Did someone said Brasserie?

Eggs Benedicts

Eggs Benedicts

Trattoria Dell’arte

The last place I visited, just before getting back home was Trattoria Dell’Arte. I was really in a hurry but since I got this recommendation from Shaul, I knew I had to check it. I took the “One Hundred and one layer lasagna” that is one of the place’s special dishes. Indeed that lasagna was exceptional and contained many layers of pasta. Another specialty of the place is their antipasto bar that I didn’t have the chance to check.

My Windows Phone 7 and One Hundred and One Layer Lasagna

My Windows Phone 7 and One Hundred and One Layer Lasagna

Trattoria Dell’arte
900 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10106 | (212) 245-9800 | http://www.trattoriadellarte.com/

If I have to sum my short visit to New York – I had very good luck with the restaurants and the weather and sure hope to visit there again soon.


Tel Aviv Food Awards

28 Nov

This is the time to introduce you to our bible. If Tel Aviv is our religion and in food we trust then Time Out Tel Aviv is our bible. This week the magazine has published the winners in its annual food awards.  In this post we will not tell you about one place we love but rather introduce you to the winners. We hope, in the future, to document these places in our blog as well. If you’re looking for a place, this can be a good starting point. Please notice that not all the links here supply information in English.

The best restaurant: Herbert Samuel .

The best new restaurant: 1 Ha’am Tapas.

The chef of the year: Eyal Shani.

The best exclusive restaurant: Catit.

The bar with the best food: Messa.

The best Italian restaurant: Mel & Mishel .

The best meat restaurant: Yoezer Bar Yain (Yoezer wine bar).

The best Asian restaurant: Bait Tahilandi (Tahi House).

The best fish and sea food restaurant: Manta Ray.

The best tapas restaurant: Tapeo.

The best bistro: Brasserie.

The best kosher restaurant: Liliot.

The best ethnic restaurant: Edna.

The best healthy / vegetarian / vegan restaurant: 24 rupee.

The best “value for money” restaurant: Segev Express.

The best restaurant chain: Giraffe.

The best sandwich: Ruben.

The best children friendly restaurant: Moses.

The best pizzeria: Tony Vespa.

The best burger: Agadir.

The best ice cream / yogurt: Anita.

The best hummus: Ali Karavan (Abu Hassan).

The best café: Hatachtit.

The best upbeat restaurant: Nanuchka .

The best restaurant for a date: Nana Bar.

The best wine bar: Habasta.

The best beer bar in the city: Porter & Sons.

The best bakery / patisserie in the city: Dalel’s bakery.

The best delicatessen: Hinnawi butcher & meat delicacy.

The best breakfast: Benedict.

The best late night: Dixie.

The best restaurant bar: Social Club.

The best restaurant on the beach: Manta Ray.

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