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Longing for Thailand – Thai House

19 Jun

A short while after our wedding, we decided we cannot rest on our laurels, and continued with our dedicated work – writing this blog.
Three years ago we took our first trip abroad together and had five dreamy weeks in Thailand. We fell in love with the spicy food and ate it all day long. Once we came back we have searched for something that will remind us the wonderful holiday – so we found the Thai house.

Unfortunately, it was too good to be true. Our first visit in Thai house left us with bad taste in our mouth (literally). It took us about two more years until we had the guts to come back, and we weren’t sorry at all.

Yam-Wun-Sen Goung (Shrimp Salad with Glass Noodles).

Thai house is located at the top 10 restaurants in Tel Aviv according to Trip Advisor. Not surprisingly as it is located right is in the middle of the tourist area – Bugrashov and Ben Yehuda.

Papaya Salad

For starters we had two salads – Papaya Salad and Yam-Wun-Sen Goung (Shrimp Salad with Glass Noodles). Both of them were refreshing and included memories from the far east. In Thai house every dish is marked with a spicy scale; the shrimps salad was rated, accurately, as mildly spiced.

Naam Tuk Neua "As Asian as it gets"

We shared the main course – Naam Tuk Neua (or as described at the menu “As Asian as it gets”) – Sliced beef roasted in traditional ”I-San” seasoning with mint leaves, purple onion, coriander, dry hot peppers & lime juice. Turns out that sharing the course was a smart move as it was very big and very spicy, which made it a little hard for us to eat. Nevertheless, the course that was served at the room temperature, was a wonderful choice. We took the bartender’s advice and replaced the fried rice with sticky rise – which made it easier for us to digest the spiciness of the beef.

We decided to skip dessert and go home and dream a little bit more about Thailand.

The check please (2 people)
Papaya Salad – 28NIS
Yam-Wun-Sen Goung (Shrimp Salad with Glass Noodles) – 32NIS
Naam Tuk Neua (“As Asian as it gets”) – 68NIS
Sticky Rise – 9NIS
2X Singha beer – 50NIS
All in all: 187 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Food: Thai
Price: Medium
Location: Bugrashov / Ben Yehuda

Contact details: Thai House
Address: 8th Bugrashov St., corner with Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv| 03-5178568|
Opening Hours: Sunday –Saturday 12:00-23:00


A Morning of Macaroons – Idelsohn 10

31 Jan

Idelsohn 10 is chain of 4 coffee shops (none of them on Idelsohn Street). Although we have one right by our home (Witzman) we decided to take advantage of a sunny Saturday to bike up until the far Ben Yehuda Street. This place is one of the most popular coffee places in Tel Aviv and every time we got there until that day – we skipped the pleasure of waiting and went to one of the other nearby places. That time we woke up late – so when we arrived we had a sitting place right away.

Muffins & Cakes on the Counter

Shahar took the Croque-Madame – a toast with ham & Gouda cheese topped with a fried egg. Good classic dish but not an outstanding one (to our disappointment). Inbar took the Brioche filled with spinach and yolk, topped with Gouda cheese as well. This was not what we expected; it was a good course but filled with too much Gouda. Thus the dish felt a bit too fat. Both of the dishes were served with a green salad yet we replaced one of these salads with a chopped vegetables salad for an additional 10 NIS.


The “cherry on the cake” of that visit was their bakery – Idelsohn has a counter inside their coffee place with all their goods. Since we have a weakness for Macaroons cookies we didn’t have any other choice but to order a plate of Macaroons – we got a plate with 5 Macaroons in different colors – they were quite good and crispy. We especially recommend you to take the white one that had a taste of some kind of liquor. We ended the breakfast with 2 excellent cappuccinos.

The check please (2 people)

Croque-Madame – 54NIS
Brioche filled with spinach and yolk 49NIS
Chopped vegetables salad – 10NIS
Soda Water – 11 NIS
Orange juice – 13 NIS
Macaroons – 15 NIS
2 X Cappuccino – 26NIS
All in all: 178


Food:  Coffee Place
Price:  medium-expansive
Location: Ben Yahuda / Dizingof

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Idelsohn 10
Address:  252 Ben Yahuda Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-5444154|
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Friday 07:30-00:00 | Saturday 09:00-00:00

Wineberg – Typical Israeli Tapas

14 Nov

We love Tapas! We have just got back from a dreamy week of beer and tapas in Spain. When Shahar’s father invited us to join him to a dinner in Wineberg we knew you couldn’t go wrong with the combination of Shaul’s recommendation, good atmosphere of Ben Yahuda’s st., the nice weather and the Tapas.

We would like to stop for a moment in order to give you some background information about the Israeli tapas places. The problem (some will say facing realty) with the Tapas bars in Israel is that they tend to compromise on the Tapa values for the crowed and the money. It is not a traditional Tapa. The Israeli tapa is usually larger than its original sister from Spain, and it’s usually priced as a Spanish “1/2 racion” (half a course).

Now we can get back to business… Wineberg itself is a small bar with a sitting place outside. Good atmosphere (though quieter than the traditional Tapas bar), lovely service. The courses were fine; we especially recommend the crab burgers and the tuna fish. Try the cold cut sausages plate, if they have more than one available in your visit.

Food: Cava bar / Israeli tapas bar
Price: Medium
Service: Nice
Getting there: by car (parking across the street), by bus of by food, depends on your location.

The check please (3 people):
Browned cauliflower – 20 NIS
Local eggplant, changed every day – 20 NIS
Scorched red Tunna – 46 NIS
Roast beef sandwich – 39 NIS
Crab burgers – 42 NIS
Cold cut Sausages plates – 46 NIS
3 Cava glasses – 75 NIS
Apple strudel pie – 35 NIS
Bungee Berries with Malabby and fig – 34 NIS

All in all: 357 NIS; nice place for a casual night.

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3 Forks

Contact details: Wineberg
Address: 106 Ben Yahuda st. Opening: Sunday to Saturday: 19:00 – late.

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