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Best of the Best? Mul Yam

27 Jun

When it comes to true fine dining, Tel Aviv doesn’t offer many options. It might be the endless summer dictating the dress code in the city, or it might be that the Israeli cuisine is simply less formal than the European one. Nonetheless, Tel Aviv still possesses one of the most famous seafood fine-dine restaurant in the world – Mul Yam. Mentioned in Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, Mul Yam is arguably the best restaurant in Israel, presenting fish and seafood from all around the world. Matching the price to its products, you will be best to do as we did, and try to go for its Business lunch, available on weekends too.

Arriving a little early for lunch, at about 12:00, we were the first table for the day, and the place looked a bit like a museum, where the white table cloths and the silverware were all still in their exact spot. Even though, and despite the fact the outside windows makes it feel a bit like an aquarium, we were treated very nice by the waitress and haven’t got the feeling of strangers eating in an exclusive Oligarch place.

Looking at the business lunch menu, it seems a 170 NIS is indeed a fair price to pay for such products (at least once in a special occasion). Half a dozen Normandy Oysters, Coquille St. Jacques, Blue Crab and Canadian Lobster will make any seafood enthusiast to drool even before the food comes in. But it did have lot to prove making us say it is the best restaurant in the land of milk and honey.

The bread

The bread

After very good bread as an appetizer, we received two starters: Salmon Sashimi, Japanese Style, of a premium Norwegian Salmon, and Scallop Cassoulet, with lentils and smoked Eggplant sauce. The Salmon was amazing and quite different than the “simple” Sashimi Salmon you would normally get anywhere. The minimalism of the Japanese escorts (Ginger, Wassabi and Soy sauce) were a good idea to keep focus on the brilliant salmon. On the other hand, the Scallop dish rather lacked minimalism. Though the Scallops were seared perfectly, the lentils weren’t that good and the sauce simply took over, which was a shame as the scallop taste got lost there.

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Scallop Cassoulet

Scallop Cassoulet

Off to the main dishes, we took seafood again: Grilled Langoustine with Lobster sauce and root vegetables, and “Popeye’s” Shrimp, with Turkish spinach, Feta cheese and poached egg. The Langoustine was simply amazing, filled with a lot meat, and juicy from the fabulous sauce – couldn’t get any better. The Shrimp dish was very unique, but it suites a real spinach lover, as it controlled the dish. But again, the Shrimp itself was excellent.

“Popeye’s” Shrimp

“Popeye’s” Shrimp

Grilled Langoustine

Grilled Langoustine

On the dessert section, though we knew there are better ones, we couldn’t help taking the famous “Faberge Egg”, which is basically sugar-made egg, filled with Chestnut ice cream, vanilla cream and caramelized almonds. Though it looks like a real museum piece, you really better off choosing another dessert other than this dull one.

Faberge Egg

Faberge Egg

Wow, how can you summarize such a meal in the one of the most famous places in Tel Aviv? Yes, when you expect the best of the best, you might get a little disappointed, we can’t say we loved every piece in that lunch. Even though, comparing to other restaurants around, it definitely presents a very unique set of products, which you probably know only from the best restaurants around the world. All in all, for 170 NIS for a business lunch it is well worth the experience.



The Check Please (2 people)

Business Lunch X2 – 340 NIS
Fabrege Egg – 70 NIS
Soda Water – 12 NIS
Orange Juice – 13 NIS

All in all: 435 NIS


Food: Seafood Chef Restaurant
Price: Very Expensive
Location: Tel Aviv Port

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4.5 Forks

4.5 Forks

Contact Details: Mul Yam
Address:  Hanger #23, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | Phone: 035469920
Opening Hours: Daily 12:30-15:30, 19:30-22:30


Tourist Spot: Not What You’d Expect – Kitchen Market

17 Dec

The market – Here we are again. The market restaurant scene is getting crowded as many restaurants join the trend. Some more successful (La Shuk for example), some don’t have much more than the trend (Montefiore 7). Eventually you’ll judge a “Market” restaurant based on fresh goods and the chef’s creativity and execution.

The Market in a Plate – Spanish Mackerel

The farmers market at Tel Aviv Port is a tricky location. At first sight it’s a perfect location – Sea View, interested tourists, locals with families and the nice market at your fingertips. Even though, such locations invite boring restaurants, counting on the setting alone as well as tourist traps, having a lousy value for money. Many restaurants located at the port’s deck answer these definitions. “Kitchen Market” though, is different altogether.

Pizza Milanese

Take the Pizza Milanese or the Beef Fillet Skewer for example. A Pizza in such a place as like a Beef Skewer allegedly does not relate to the market or the sea location and could very well be the fall of the dinner. In reality, the pizza, topped with Buffalo Mozarella, Italian Sausage and fresh tomatoes was the best we had in many years, not only because of the toppings but also the crunchy thin dough which brings lots of Italian memories. The Beef Skewer actually did come from the market’s butchery and showed that the butchery is well worth a visit.

Genius – Crispy Polenta Sticks

Two fried dishes of Melita fish and Crispy Polenta sticks were quite different from each other. The fried fish dish was escorted with lots of market supply like eggplant, chili and lemon which were great but actually hid the fish which lost it taste a little in the pan (we also think the dish is overpriced). The Polenta sticks on the other hand were genius, no less. It seemed like the chef gave all his heart while preparing the corn polenta and the delicate crisp. If you search for a drink escort this must be the dish for you. With a contrast, Truffle French Fries dish showed that Truffle should be used only where it fits.

Melita fish – Lost its taste

The Antipasti dish as well as the Spanish Mackerel was the market itself on our plates. We actually felt the beautiful goods from downstairs (Kitchen Market is located on the second floor) took the stairs straight to us.

The Market’s Antipasti

A summer Panacota (yes, late post… better than never) and a Coffee Brule, were just two of what seems to be a very inviting dessert vitrine you can’t help but to stare at. While it could have endangered the whole impression of the restaurant, as like the whole dinner, Kitchen Market doesn’t let itself fall. Not even for a minute.

Longing the Summer – Panacota

Excellent Coffee Brule

The check please (4 people)

Big Crispy Polenta Sticks – 31 NIS
Small Antipasti – 24 NIS
Pizza Milanese – 62 NIS
Beef Fillet Skewer – 72 NIS
Chicken Garganali – 58 NIS
Melitas – 72 NIS
Small Spanish Mackerel – 26 NIS
Truffle French Fries – 19 NIS
Summer Panacota – 36 NIS
Coffee Crème Brule – 38 NIS
Proseco (Bottle) – 98 NIS

All in all: 536 NIS


Food: Market
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Tel Aviv Port – Farmers Market

 The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

4.5 Forks

Contact details: Kitchen Market
Address: Hangar 12, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | Phone: 057-9426881 |
Opening Hours:  Monday-Thursday 12:30-16:30, 18:00-24:00 Friday-Saturday 09:00-16:30, 18:00-24:00

Memories From Madrid – Tapas in the Market

14 May

Update July 2013: The place is closed, a new place by Eyal Lavie was open instead.

A while ago, we decided to check the Tapas restaurant by the Yarazin brothers, owners of some of the most successful restaurants in town, Tapas in the market. Located at the new indoor market on Tel Aviv’s port, Tapas in the market offers sea and market view all together and promises to bring Spain to your plate.

Tapas in the Market

At our evening visit, though the market was already closed, we sat down with a lust for some good Tapas. We took some cold plates: Fennel Salad, pickled Sardines and crude Amberjack alongside some hot plates: Calamari “A la plancha” and Artichoke topped with breadcrumbs. Without any exceptions all of the Tapas were excellent, fresh and tasty. The open kitchen added to the atmosphere and reminded us the “Mercado de San Miguel” located in Madrid.

Fennel Salad

Calamari “A la plancha”

Crude Amberjack and Pickled Sardines

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

4 Forks


Food:  Tapas
Price:  Medium
Location: Tel Aviv Port

Contact details: Tapas in the Market
Address:  Indoor Food Market, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | 03-7162757|
Opening Hours:  Monday-Thursday 08:00-00:00 Friday 08:00-17:00 Saturday 08:00-19:00  |

Breakfast at Gilli’s

9 Dec

French Toast & Bacon

Everybody loves a rich breakfast and nothing like a Friday morning breakfast in Tel Aviv, just after your last shopping needs and just before your Friday noon siesta. Though very much crowded in the weekends, Tel Aviv’s Port has few of the better breakfasts in the city (few of the overpriced as well). Walking down the port you can pass along the beautiful deck and through the newly opened farmer’s market. When you get hungry, go to Gilli’s. Definitely the best breakfast in this area and one of the best ones in Tel Aviv.

Going through Gilli’s rich breakfast menu, you get a very nice variety, while the price is set on 68 NIS (pretty expensive). As a start you get a basket of homemade breads, fluffy brioches & crispy croissants which are extremely tasty together with some French butter and jam. To accompany your breakfast, you can choose between 3 morning cocktails (we liked the colorful mimosa).

Mimosa Cocktail

As for our breakfast, Shahar chose the French toast & bacon. Though nothing would be fancy on any French toast, it was very nicely done. The bacon though was a little over cooked. Inbar decided to take the spicy eggs & tomatoes (which is just a synonym to the common Shakshooka). Again, Shakshooka is one of the simplest breakfasts you can eat, and much of its quality is dependent on its seasoning. This one, though very spicy, was done very well and fitted the great bread basket.

Two small cappuccinos (included) has summed up the breakfast with ease and headed us the right way to the regular Friday naptime (coffee never affects us the other way…).
One small but very important remark: as Friday mornings are very crowded it is better to book ahead in order to make sure you get a beach-view terrace table. That way you’ll at least notice it a little less.

Shahar & Inbar

The check please (2 people)

2 Breakfasts – 126 NIS
Mineral water – 8 NIS

All in all: 134 NIS


Food: Breakfast & Steaks
Price: Expensive
Location: Tel Aviv’s Port

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Gilli’s

Address:  Hangar 25, Port of Tel Aviv | Phone: 036057777
Opening Hours:  Everyday 10:00 – late
Oddly, no website

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