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Italian Trend – Pappa’s

20 Aug


It seems that in some point during the last few years, the Italian kitchen has stepped aside from the main restaurant scene in Tel Aviv to allow the other trendy Mediterranean kitchens, such as Seafood and Spanish cuisines, to rise up. Suddenly, Italian restaurants came out as less interesting, less fashionable and generally belong to those who look for a “serious” dinner.

Pappa’s, which defines itself as a “Ristorante Italiano”, is actually a few years old Trattoria, located in the back of Allenby, just beside the Carmel’s Market, and proud of its self-made Pasta, traditional cooking and welcoming atmosphere. All that said, it seems that Pappa’s took the last few years trends into consideration, offering many of the Pastas as half-size as well and using lots of market goods such as Shrimps, Artichokes and Truffles.

Tuna Fish Carpaccio

Take the special Fish Carpaccio for example. The red Tuna fish tasted as it came straight up from the market, dressed with only salt, pepper and olive oil. Though a bit expensive for the place, it was definitely a good dish. A Broad bean Rissoto, which contained also pieces of lemon and Celery, was also an original Mediterranean variation on top of a classic heavy dish.

Broad Bean Risotto

The self made Pastas, as promised, were no less than excellent. A half-size dish of Truffles Gnocchi, was quite simple but amazing on taste and, given its price, became quickly one of our favorite Italian dishes around town. Another dish of Artichoke Campanelle, brought the market to our table once more and, along with roasted tomatoes and lemon, came together as a very good dish. Another half-size course of Shrimps “a la plancha”, dressed with garlic and olive oil, with roasted potatoes and asparagus, showed that Pappa’s has nothing to be ashamed of its seafood as well.

Gnocchi Tartufo

Artochoke Campanelle

Ending our night with a very-basic and quite tasty sweet Pana Cotta we agreed that, in value for money standards, Pappa’s has very little competition as it combines fresh and self-made ingredients, trendy original dishes, and fine execution.

Shrimps and Asparagus on Potatoes

The Check Please (3 people)

Tuna Fish Carpaccio – 42 NIS
Gnocchi Al Tartufo (Small) – 34 NIS
Broad Bean Risotto (Small) – 36 NIS
Artichoke Campanelle – 52 NIS
Shrimps and Asparagus on Potatoes (Small) – 38 NIS
Pana Cotta – 26 NIS
Cava (bottle) – 89 NIS

All in all: 317 NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium
Location: Allenby & Carmel market

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4 Forks

 Contact Details: Pappa’s

Address:  12 Hillel Hazaken, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-5107373
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Saturday 12:00-01:00


At the vineyard – Erez

26 Feb

The number one fan of the blog, Adi, had suggested us to try a restaurant that we can rank as less than “medium” in the price level category. As a response Elad had suggested we all go to Erez in Kerem HaTeimanim (the Yemenite Vineyard) neighborhood.

Kerem HaTeimanim

So we did. We all met in the Kerem on one Friday noon. The place wasn’t like any other restaurant we have visited; when we thought about how to define it, the first word we could think of was a mess: no queue, no chairs, missing dishes and Elad acting as our waiter. Yet, despite this unflattering introduction, we liked it a lot.

We had to push some elbows in order to get a table. A couple’s fight in front of us was the distraction we needed to get ourselves seated. We were missing two chairs and our requests fell on deaf ears. Eventually, it was Elad’s initiative that made us sit – he just went inside and brought two more chairs together with the menus.


Adi took Masabcha, Which is very similar to Hummus, but thanks to a quick bet between her and Shahar we found out that the main difference between these two lies in the chickpeas’ tenderness. The Masabcha was very good and in Adi’s words “a respectful representation of Masabcha”.

Meatballs with Mujaddara & French fries

Elad had built our expectations regarding the Ptitim. Unfortunately by the time we got there it was all finished. Shahar & he took meatballs with Mujaddara & French fries as sides. The meatballs were very good and well seasoned. Inbar took grilled pullet skewer alongside with Mujaddara and vegetables salad.

And now, for the trick – this whole meal, 4 people including drinks, cost us ONLY 111 NIS! Getting these prices in Tel Aviv is a real deal. We really can’t remember the last time we have eaten such a meal at these prices. The place was quite a mess but we had good food, nice atmosphere and great company.

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

The check pleases (4 People):
Masabcha with Egg – 15 NIS
2X Meatballs + side dishes – 50 NIS
Grilled Pullet Skewer + Side dishes – 22 NIS
4 X Soft Drinks – 24 NIS

All in all: 111 (!) NIS


Food:  Homemade Oriental /Israeli
Price:  Low
Location: Kerem HaTeimanim (the Yemenite Vineyard).

Contact details: Erez
Address:  28 Nachlieli St., Tel Aviv |
Opening Hours:  Sunday- Thursday – 10:00-18:00 | Friday 10:00-15:00

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