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Chinatown #2 – Long Sang

9 Sep

When we walked out of China Court, Ron said that next time we will go to a better Chinese restaurant. I was quite happy with China Court, but Ron said that he eat there with his Japanese girlfriend and she was amazed from their Fish. Three weeks later we found ourselves in Long Sang, located in Allenby Street. With no hesitations, Ron asked for the “Black menu” and our journey began.

Wonton Dumplings

Wonton Dumplings

We have started with Wonton dumplings filed with meat and Chinese salad. The dumplings, escorted by tasty sauce, melted in our mouth. The sweet salad wasn’t very interesting but it was there just to add some vegetables to the dinner.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Peking Duck

Shahar, didn’t eat with us on our previews Chinese experience, decide to check the “Peking Duck” dish. Ron and I have shared a dish from the black menu – Seafood and noodles soup. I must admit that although I liked the dish on China Court, it was much better here. The duck was sliced to thicker pieces was much juicy. The sauce, pancakes and vegetables that were severed with it were quite similar.

Seafood and noodles soup

Seafood and noodles soup

The soup was amazing. and spicy. I usually don’t eat soup in the hot and humid summer of Tel Aviv, but this dish was perfect for me. The soup includes Shrimps, Calamari and noodles cocked in a spicy broth. Ron said that was a bit to spacy for him but I thought it was good amount.

We didn’t ordered any desert but we were served complimentary Watermelon and Melon that were just the right fit or desert after the hot soup.

The next time we will have eager for Chinese food – we will definitely come back to here.

The Check

The Check Please (3 people) 

Salad – 30NIS
Wonton Dumplings – 28NIS
Peking Duck – 98 NIS
Soup – 78NIS
2 X Tsingtao Beer – 66NIS

All in all 300 NIS

The Cizer Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

3.5 Forks


Food: Chinese
Price: Medium
Location: Allenby

Contact Details: Long Sang

Allebny 15, Tel Aviv | +972-57-9438886| Monday- Saturday 12:30-23:00


Eat Like an Egyptian – Port Said

20 Apr

Two months ago we met with Yael and Yoni on one of the new trendy places in Tel Aviv (and not in Egypt as the name suggests) – Port Said. The place is somewhere between a restaurant and a bar and it is owned by the famous chef – Eyal Shani.  It took us a while to write the post but it was worth waiting.

Port Said is all about the cool-hipster style with old fashioned Egyptian music like Umm Kulthum played in the background by a gramophone (or something that sounds like it). You cannot book a table at Port Said and it is quite hard to even find their phone number. Once I tracked it down they told me over the phone that if we will arrive until 20:00 we should be able to get a table without a problem. Indeed, we were the last customers that didn’t have to wait for a table. People that came later had to improvise with a bench as a table.

The menu isn’t really divided to firsts and seconds but rather a wide selection of dishes.

Minute Steak

Minute Steak

Yoni and Yael started with one of Shani’s famous dishes from the Miznon – the Minute steak and in addition some kind of mash of Soybean. The Minute Steak was quite good but the soybean mash was so awful that we had to ask them to take it back and asked for baked potato with Crème fraîche instead.

Roast beef Carpaccio

Roast beef Carpaccio

After a while of waiting we have also received our dishes – Roast beef Carpaccio &

Bread Salad

Bread Salad

. Both of them were delicious. The Carpaccio wasn’t the classic Carpaccio that you can recognize from the typical Tel Aviv’s restaurants; it was seared before it was cut to a thicker level than usual.

Rooster Sandwich

Rooster Sandwich

After additional waiting Yael and Yoni got the “Rooster Sandwich” that they ordered in the beginning of our dinner, nevertheless the waiting didn’t kill their passion to the dish and they found it very tasty. I ordered Egg Salad sandwich while we were still short of one baked potato Shahar ordered earlier.

Backed Potato

Baked Potato

The Egg Salad was very classic and even reminded me my grandfather’s egg salad that came from Poland and definitely not from Egypt.  The baked potato that appeared in the first act got off (from the kitchen) in the third. Finally we received the potato and it was worth waiting as it felt as it brought right out of the fire. With fresh touch of “Crème fraîche” and a bit of spicy green paper you can feel the Eyal Shani’s touch.

For dessert we took Guava marmalade which was a sweet ending to a very good dinner.

The check pleases (4 People):

2 X Goldstar beer- 47 NIS
5 X Peroni beer – 145 NIS
Minute Steak – 44 NIS
Bread salad – 38 NIS
2 X Baked Potato – 46 NIS
Roast beef Carpaccio – 37 NIS
Rooster Sandwich – 38 NIS
Egg Salad Sandwich – 28 NIS
Guava Marmalade – 28 NIS

All in all 451 NIS

Food:  Advanced bar food
Price:  High
Location: Allenby street

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Har Sinai 2, Tel Aviv

Italian Experience at the Heart of Tel Aviv – La Repubblica (di RoniMottti)

10 Dec

Lately, while talking a walk in the quarter of the heart of Tel Aviv, we noticed that our favorite restaurant from Ramat Hachayal is working on a new branch. Over the weekend, while reading our favorite magazine – Time Out Tel Aviv, we have realized that it is not a new branch but rather a relocation. RoniMotti, one of the best Italian places in the city have decided to get closer to the heart of Tel Aviv. The week after we have already booked a table in order to check the new place with Shahar’s parents – Zipi and Shaul.

Bread and Antipasti

We started with complimentary Bread and Antipasti. This antipasti is a good example of how this dish can be served in so many restaurant in the city but only few will really know how to execute it well. On top of quality olive oil there they were – oven baked vegetables such us Beet, Onion and Pepper alongside Olives and tasty slices of Parmesan cheese. The bread was crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. With the bread came some crunchy bread sticks that were topped with nigella seeds that gave it its edgy taste.

Rocula Carcciofi & Fichi

For starters Shaul and Zipi shared the Rocula Carcciofi Salad, Fish Carpaccio and Fichi. Fichi are slices of fresh figs and real buffalo mozzarella cheese that were topped with balsamic sauce and basil olives. This classic Italian salad (Fichi are figs in Italian) was surprisingly not dull at all and the balsamic sauce was cooked to be contracted and thick. The Fish Carpaccio was gentle and light, perfect match for the crispy bread.

Beef & Fish Carpaccio

We shared the Beef Carpaccio that was, again, seasoned with good olive oil, parmesan cheese and Rocula leaves. As its colleague dish, the Fish Carpaccio, the Beef Carpaccio was made of good beef (Sirloin) and suited the bread perfectly. In addition, we were served complimentary Malfatti. Malfatti are kind of dumplings made of spinach and cheese on top of Rosa (tomato) sauce. The combination of the melted cheese and the cream sauce, made it, as appose to the other starters, a heavy dish.

Veal Cannelloni

After a massive attack of appetizers and starters, and after drinking a first round of fine Flam Classico (Israeli red wine of Flam winery), we were ready for the main courses. This time we decided to split – Shahar took the Veal Cannelloni – Canneloni Pasta filled with slow cooked chopped Veal and tomatoes sauce – a true Italian dish that does not try to flatter the average Israeli diner – and tastes great.

Tagliatelle with Shrimps and Carcciofi

Inbar took Tagliatelle with Shrimps and Carcciofi that were cooked in lemon, white wine and butter sauce. A simple dish with quality ingredients – from the homemade pasta to the fresh Shrimps, and especially the lemon sauce that gave the dish it unique flavors. Zipi and Shaul shared the Sirloin steak that was perfectly cooked and served with beef stock and spinach. A good steak is measure by the beef quality and the cooking quality. In that case, both were at a very high class.

Sirloin Steak

For dessert, our first two choices were missing from the menu that evening, so we head to settle for Crème Brule and Tiramisu, both served at their classic version – not too bad (or even good), but nothing to write home (or post) about. As in the previous phases of the dinner, so as in the dessert phase, the owner (Motti) did not forget us – we were served complimentary chocolate cake. At that stage it was already overloading of sweets and we pretty much skipped it (Although appreciating the nice gesture).


When coming to the end of the post, you will probably say it is hard to critic when receiving so many complimentary dishes. But, our dear readers – have no fear! We are professional writers, and as such we know to compliment a place when it deserved it and definitely criticize when needed. This time, with a whole heart (and stomach) we will definitely recommend you book table ASAP.

The Check Please (4 people)

Fish Carpaccio – 52NIS
Beef Carpaccio – 48NIS
Fichi – 48NIS
Rocula Carcciofi – 42NIS
Tagliatelle – 72NIS
Veal Cannelloni – 78-NIS
Sirloin Steak – 110NIS
Water – 20 NIS
Flam Classico – 138NIS
Crème Brule – 38NIS
Tiramisu – 32NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Heart of Tel Aviv / Allenby

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4 Forks

Contact Details: La Repubblica di RoniMottti

Address:  3 Mazeh st. Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6470247 |
Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday 8:30-24:00 Saturday 9:30-24:00 |

Italian Trend – Pappa’s

20 Aug


It seems that in some point during the last few years, the Italian kitchen has stepped aside from the main restaurant scene in Tel Aviv to allow the other trendy Mediterranean kitchens, such as Seafood and Spanish cuisines, to rise up. Suddenly, Italian restaurants came out as less interesting, less fashionable and generally belong to those who look for a “serious” dinner.

Pappa’s, which defines itself as a “Ristorante Italiano”, is actually a few years old Trattoria, located in the back of Allenby, just beside the Carmel’s Market, and proud of its self-made Pasta, traditional cooking and welcoming atmosphere. All that said, it seems that Pappa’s took the last few years trends into consideration, offering many of the Pastas as half-size as well and using lots of market goods such as Shrimps, Artichokes and Truffles.

Tuna Fish Carpaccio

Take the special Fish Carpaccio for example. The red Tuna fish tasted as it came straight up from the market, dressed with only salt, pepper and olive oil. Though a bit expensive for the place, it was definitely a good dish. A Broad bean Rissoto, which contained also pieces of lemon and Celery, was also an original Mediterranean variation on top of a classic heavy dish.

Broad Bean Risotto

The self made Pastas, as promised, were no less than excellent. A half-size dish of Truffles Gnocchi, was quite simple but amazing on taste and, given its price, became quickly one of our favorite Italian dishes around town. Another dish of Artichoke Campanelle, brought the market to our table once more and, along with roasted tomatoes and lemon, came together as a very good dish. Another half-size course of Shrimps “a la plancha”, dressed with garlic and olive oil, with roasted potatoes and asparagus, showed that Pappa’s has nothing to be ashamed of its seafood as well.

Gnocchi Tartufo

Artochoke Campanelle

Ending our night with a very-basic and quite tasty sweet Pana Cotta we agreed that, in value for money standards, Pappa’s has very little competition as it combines fresh and self-made ingredients, trendy original dishes, and fine execution.

Shrimps and Asparagus on Potatoes

The Check Please (3 people)

Tuna Fish Carpaccio – 42 NIS
Gnocchi Al Tartufo (Small) – 34 NIS
Broad Bean Risotto (Small) – 36 NIS
Artichoke Campanelle – 52 NIS
Shrimps and Asparagus on Potatoes (Small) – 38 NIS
Pana Cotta – 26 NIS
Cava (bottle) – 89 NIS

All in all: 317 NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium
Location: Allenby & Carmel market

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4 Forks

 Contact Details: Pappa’s

Address:  12 Hillel Hazaken, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-5107373
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Saturday 12:00-01:00

From Hadera to Gadera – Gadera 26

25 Apr

Friday noon, as we were on our usual hanging in Tel-Aviv city center – Dizingof Center, King George, Shenkin the Carmel Market and Nachlat Binymin area, we rode our bikes to a new place right at the market entrance – Gadera 26.

Thanks to transparent windows, the place is very well lit and has a very pleasant atmosphere taking the street inside the place. The menu is written on a chalkboard, offering fresh starters alongside homemade entrées.

Roasted Fennel and Lentils Salad

Each of us took his turn and went inside to take a look at the menu. We ordered Lentils Salad and Roasted Fennel; for entrees we took the Chraime & Slices of roasted Fillet of Beef. Alongside the starters we were also served a complimentary small Cabbage Salad, Tahini & slices of Challa.

Roasted Fillet of Beef

Both starters were fresh and special. The fennel was roasted on the grill which gave the vegetable a unique taste. The lentils salad had small pieces of lemon which gave it slightly sour and surprising taste.  The Chraime was a good homemade dish, but not spectacular. The Roast Fillet of beef was a cold beef dish, which was a light and fine.


That was a successful break with some easy going food and a good mood.

The check please (2 people)

Lentils Salad – 10 NIS
Roasted Fennel – 10 NIS
Chraime – 36 NIS
Roasted Fillet of Beef – 34 NIS
Coke – 10 NIS
Soda Water – 11 NIS

All in all: 113 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

3.5 Forks


Food:  Market goods & homemade
Price:  Cheap – Medium
Location: Carmel Market / Nachlat Binyamin

Contact details: Gadera 26
Address:  26th Gadera st. Tel Aviv | 057-9443194|
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Thursday 12:00-16:45, 19:00-Late. Friday – 12:00-17:00 |
http://www.rest.co.il/sites/Default.asp?txtRestID=11384 | No English menu

The Slippery Slope of Quality – Frida Kahlo (Updated)

7 Mar

Update July 2013: The place is closed.

A while ago we reviewed Frida Kahlo and we were quite satisfied with the dinner. Short while ago, after we have published our review, one of the Israeli coupons sites, Grouper, had publish a deal with the restaurant. Buy a 60 NIS coupon and get a 120 NIS meal. Since we liked the place we did not think twice and bought the coupon.

This time, the experience was so bad we that our moral obligation, to our readers, made us come back home and write this post.

We took the Plata de Mariscos, formally known as the best course from the previous visit – this time the seafood seemed to be forgotten on the grill while the cauliflower and sheep cheese mousse were tasteless. Other than this course, we took four new courses we did not try up until that dinner – Ensalada de Frida, Calamari & Shrimps Masabcha,  Elior’s ceviche & pickled rump steak. None of these dishes was at the level of taste we had in the last visit – we did not like any of them, therefore we are not specifying much about them.

While eating in order to be full and not in the name of enjoying the food, we agreed that the participation of Frida Kahlo in such deals and discounts took it down the slippery slope with regards to food quality. Unfortunately, because of the bad experience, though we did like the place in past visits, we shall not be back to Frida Kahlo again.

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

1.5 Forks


A Taste of Spain – Tapas 1 Haam

5 Mar

Everyone wants to have a vacation from time to time. When, from many reasons, you can’t take one, you compromise to get just the vacation feeling. Getting out to a restaurant that brings another country’s atmosphere will get you somewhere close to that feeling. Tapas 1 (Ahad) Haam is exactly one of those places.

The setting

This Jonathan Rushfeld place, nearby his formerly reviewed “Yavne Montifiore”, was opened about a year and a half ago with a major emphasis on the restaurant atmosphere. The beautiful setting include colorful Spanish-style tiles, a classic display of hanging sausages, a wide open kitchen and restaurant goods set on the high tables, where we sat.

Tomato Salad & Shrimps and Calamari

After a bad experience we had in Tapas Ahad Haam around its opening, which included seating in the very end of the place and suffering from a pushy waitress, we decided to have a corrective experience. This time the waitress was very nice and our experience was much better.

Beef Tartar

We were glad to see that the place investment in its atmosphere did not subtract with the food quality. We shared five dishes between us. A Beef Tartar that was far better than the one we reviewed on the Butchery post (while Inbar thought the tartar at the Yavne Montifiore was better). It included quality beef, great sourness and a tasty smoked peppers sauce. The toasts that were served alongside were delicious as well. A dish of grilled Baladi Eggplant with eggplant paste was very good, though not Spanish at all (but rather an Israeli mainstream one).

Baladi Eggplant

A dish of Artichoke hearts on the plancha with goat cheese and oregano was wonderful, fresh and ended too quickly, and so was the Tomato Salad which included few types of cherry tomatoes, hard cheese and a great addition of Za’atar leaves.
Sevillian Shrimps and Calmari, taken from the restaurant specials, was the last dish of the night. The seafood itself was simply amazing. It had a very natural fresh taste and even a too oily sauce didn’t hurt the flavor.

Two glasses of Cava escorted the great experience abroad. Well, at Tapas 1 Haam.

The Check Please (2 people):
2 X Cava – 58 NIS
Baladi Eggplant – 22 NIS
Artichoke Hearts – 31 NIS
Beef Tartar – 28 NIS
Shrimps and Calamari – 44 NIS
Tomato Salad – 34 NIS

All in all: 217 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4.5 Forks


Food:  Tapas
Price:  Medium-Expensive
Location: Echad Haam / Allenby

Contact details: Tapas 1 (Ahad) Haam
Address:  27 Echad Haam, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-5666966
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 18:00-01:00 | Friday-Saturday 12:30-01:00
http://www.rest.co.il/sites/Default.asp?txtRestID=10748 (No English)

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