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Cognitive Dissonance – Edna

15 Feb

July 2012 Update: The place have closed its doors. They still have the Ramat HaSharon branch. 

It was a rainy night in the middle of the week and we were hungry, tired & looking for something not too fancy. Shahar had just remembered that the successful Ramat Hasharon restaurant named Edna had recently opened a new branch in Tel Aviv. Edna, a 30 year old restaurant, was originally a workers restaurant that served Persian food. Over the years it has been influenced by European food and today it is a combination of “homemade” and European cuisine – a combination that creates a cognitive dissonance at times. The place is designed in a very classic-European style, taking care of all the little details like table cloths and stylish menus.

Edna Specials

We started off with a Mediterranean Salad that was basically a chopped vegetable salad and was fresh and tasty. Alongside it we ordered bread that came right out of the over and was steamy hot. It was served with pickled eggplant that acted as a fabulous dip.

Bread & Eggplants on White Cloth

For the main courses Shahar took beef & lamb meatballs that were served in beef broth with carrots. The meatballs were good and the broth was excellent, especially as another dip for the bread. Inbar chose a fan of fillet of beef. It was nice piece of meat that was served with red wine sauce and accompanied with baked potatoes, sweet potatoes & spinach. The fillet was a cooked just right and the sides were excellent. Together it made a good fulfilling dish.

Cognitive Dissonance (Main Courses)

The meatballs we ate, took the “Homemade” part of the restaurant, while the fillet of beef took the “European” part. The combination was quite weird and left us with some question marks regarding the character of the place. Despite of the dissonance, we agreed that Edna is a place that knows how to cook some good food. It does not fall from the quality of the original place in Ramat Ha’Sharon in any way and has a great value for money.

The check please (2 people)

Homemade bread – 12 NIS
Mediterranean Salad – 39NIS
Beef & lamb meatballs – 45NIS
Fan of fillet of beef – 74NIS
Soda – 11NIS
Pepsi -11NIS

All in all: 191NIS

Value for Money:


Food:  Homemade / Persian / Classic European
Price:  Medium
Location: North Dizngoff / Yirmiahu

Contact details: Edna
Address:  52 Yirmiahu St., Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6289000 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday- Thursday – 10:00-01:00 | Friday 09:00-01:00 | Saturdays 12:00-01:00
http://www.edna-rest.co.il/ednata (No English menu)


Kong FU

7 Dec

Just one week after the good sushi experience in the Moon, my friend Adi suggested we go to eat sushi. Adi is my sushi expert friend, so when she suggested me sushi plus added a ride on her bike, I just couldn’t say no.

After a short ride we arrived to Fu Sushi, which is located near the north of Dizingoff Street. It is a quite small place with a sitting area and a bar. We were lucky to catch the last seats available in the sitting area, without waiting on the line (though the bar was probably more exciting).

When we sat down the waiter made the table with chopsticks which were put on a black stone. In addition we got the “traditional” sauces – Spicy mayonnaise, Teriyaki & Watercress with coriander. We started with a Miso Soup and Wakame Salad which were quite good. The salad came with “Chicken Crumbs” which were actually small slices of chicken which tasted, strangely, like pastrami.

Each one of us took a combination of sushi.  Adi took the vegetarian and I preferred the fish. The vegetarian combination included vegetables Maki Foto (4 pieces), Inside-out vegetables (4 pieces), Vegetables Maki (6 pieces) & vegetables Skewer (3 pieces).  The fish combination included an inside-out spicy tuna (4 pieces) – which were the best of this combination, Avocado & Salmon Maki (6 pieces) –nice but very average, 1 Tuna Nigiri & 1 Salmon Nigiri – I didn’t like the Tuna and didn’t get to the Salmon.

All in all Fu is a casual sushi place if you’re nearby. Don’t make an effort to get there but if you’re around you can definitely find a decent sushi there.

The check please (2 people)

2 Sodas – 22 NIS
Miso soup – 15 NIS
Wakame salad – 29 NIS
Vegetarian combination – 53 NIS
Fish combination – 58 NIS

All in all: 177 NIS


Food: Fast Food Sushi
Price: Medium
Location: North Dizngoff / Yirmiahu

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3 Forks

Contact details: Fu Sushi

Address:  Yirmiahu 32 street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 057-9443445
Opening Hours:  Sunday to Saturday 12:30-1:30

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