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Morning at the Bistro – Café Noir

20 May

Tel Aviv Breakfast scene is one tough scene. Every restaurant wants to have its own breakfast, making sure it earns its shekels throughout the day. Unfortunately it causes many of them to offer a dull breakfast (Omelet-Salad- Spreads) at a high price. We urge you to have breakfast at a restaurant you got a good review on. An example of such a review is right below – at Café Noir.

Café noir is a long-established Tel Aviv Bistro; very well located at the heart of the white city with the vibrant Rotshield Street just a few steps away. Having been there a few times in the past, we recommend Café Noir generally because of its good food (the well known milk-fed Veal Schnitzel is a must) and romantic atmosphere, but this time we decided to check their breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Cheese & Salami

Café Noir breakfast menu is divided to three –Sandwiches, Set Breakfasts and Pastries. Both of us took set breakfasts. Shahar ordered the Noir’s Breakfast – scrambled eggs (you can ask any type of eggs) with Bacon, two types of cheese, Salami Milano, vegetable salad, roasted peppers, bread, jam and butter. The eggs were fine and the Salami was excellent, but it was the bread that was rated best as it was hot, crispy and delicious.

Egg Cocot

Inbar ordered the Egg Cocot Breakfast – two eggs with Truffles oil and crispy bacon, served inside a ceramic bowl, alongside with roasted peppers, Cream cheese, vegetables salad and again – bread, jam and butter. The dish expresses the uniqueness of Café Noir with its breakfasts and delivers exceptionally. The Truffles oil specifically makes the dish a true morning favorite.

The check please (2 people)

Noir’s Breakfast (with Bacon) – 58 NIS
Eggs Cocot Breakfast – 58 NIS

All in all: 116 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

4 Forks


Food:  Bistro
Price:  Expensive
Location: Ahad Ha’am

Contact details: Café Noir
Address:  43 Ahad Ha’am St, Tel Aviv | 03-5663018|
Opening Hours:  Sun-Wed 08:00-01:00 Thu-Frid 08:00-02:00 Sat 09:00-01:00 |


Memories From Madrid – Tapas in the Market

14 May

Update July 2013: The place is closed, a new place by Eyal Lavie was open instead.

A while ago, we decided to check the Tapas restaurant by the Yarazin brothers, owners of some of the most successful restaurants in town, Tapas in the market. Located at the new indoor market on Tel Aviv’s port, Tapas in the market offers sea and market view all together and promises to bring Spain to your plate.

Tapas in the Market

At our evening visit, though the market was already closed, we sat down with a lust for some good Tapas. We took some cold plates: Fennel Salad, pickled Sardines and crude Amberjack alongside some hot plates: Calamari “A la plancha” and Artichoke topped with breadcrumbs. Without any exceptions all of the Tapas were excellent, fresh and tasty. The open kitchen added to the atmosphere and reminded us the “Mercado de San Miguel” located in Madrid.

Fennel Salad

Calamari “A la plancha”

Crude Amberjack and Pickled Sardines

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

4 Forks


Food:  Tapas
Price:  Medium
Location: Tel Aviv Port

Contact details: Tapas in the Market
Address:  Indoor Food Market, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | 03-7162757|
Opening Hours:  Monday-Thursday 08:00-00:00 Friday 08:00-17:00 Saturday 08:00-19:00  |

American Style Birthday – Dixie Grill Bar

10 May

As two of my (Shahar) best friends, Samuel and Uri, have both celebrated their same-week birthday, we met on a working night at Dixie. Dixie is a well known American style diner that, although was in its prime in the early days of the decade, continues to draw the crowds, mainly on the late night hours (Dixie is open 24/7).

Dixie’s setting fits well with its food. A large bar is located at the entrance to fit all late nighters, diner booths around all its ends and some tables are located in between. As we sat to the table the restaurant was quite full, which is impressive on a mid-week evening. Even though, the service was quick and accurate.

Dixie Wings

As Samual and I waited for Uri to finish his work, we ordered the infamous Dixie wings. Drowned in a spicy chili sauce, the wings are considered as one of Tel Aviv well known dishes. Though I liked it a lot, I wouldn’t crown it so hastily.

Beef Fillet Cutlets with Spätzle

As Uri arrived and we were hungry as well we cut to the chase. As Dixie’s main business is beef, I ordered Sautéed Beef Fillet Cutlets with Spätzle. The Austrian egg noodle, which is more like pasta, is a favorite of mine. I really enjoyed that dish as the Spätzle were excellent and the Beef Cutlets were tender. Unfortunately the Portobello mushrooms which are described in the menu were hardly noticed.

Beef Burger and sautéed onions

Samuel picked the classic Beef Burger along with sautéed onions. The burger was cooked well and was OK but the beef itself was too lean, which made it somewhat dry and not juicy enough. Uri took the light option and ordered the Caeser Salad with Chicken and Parmesan. This dish failed in few perspectives. The cherry tomatoes added to the salad made it somewhat a vegetables salad rather than a Caeser salad (worth mentioning in the menu). In addition, the roman lettuce swam in so much sauce it made the dish massive rather than a light one.

Caeser Salad with Chicken

Summarizing Dixie, it’s not my cup of tea, as there are better steak restaurants in Tel Aviv (Hudson, Makom Shel Basar, NG), even if we take value-for-money parameter. Even though, I think it’s a good pick if you want a late night steak or want to have some good options along with your beer.

The check please (3 people)

Dixie Wings (8 pc.) – 31 NIS
Caeser Salad with chicken – 58 NIS
Beef Fillet Cutlets with Spätzle – 102 NIS
Beef Burger with sautéed onions – 69 NIS
3 X Guinness Beer – 81 NIS

All in all: 341 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

3 Forks


Food:  Steak House diner
Price:  Expensive
Location: Yigal Alon

Contact details: Dixie Grill Bar
Address:  120 Yigal Alon corner with Totzeret Haaretz. Tel Aviv | 03-6966123|
Opening Hours:  24/7 |

Out of Range – Northern Israel Special

2 May

Lately we have been celebrating our 3 years anniversary. Although the upcoming wedding, we decided to take a break for one weekend in the North of Israel. Shahar, as always, took the responsibility of planning our trip and chose the Golan Heights. As part of the planning he was looking for good restaurants in the area. Unfortunately, the North of Israel is not as vibrant as Tel Aviv and there is only a little diversity, where most of the places specialize in steaks. When the hunger attacked us – we found ourselves trying to choose between one steaks restaurant to another. Eventually, we were at both of them and this post will summarize them.


Near Ein Gev kibutz, we found the original branch of the famous Marinado chain. The place started as a butcher shop and over the time became a big place with a butcher shop, a restaurant and a cook store, all in one. The chain owns another two butcher shops, one of them is our regular butcher shop as it is located very close to our apartment.

Lamb Burger

When it comes to atmosphere, we felt as if we were in the middle of a working day lunch and not as we were – trying to have a romantic dinner. One major factor that contributed to our feeling was the fact the restaurant is located inside the cook store, next to the butcher. According to the fact that we were in the middle of a shop, the place was over-lit.

Fillet of beef

We took the fix priced meal (have I already mention that we felt like a working day lunch?) which included a lower priced starter, a main course and soft drinks.  We will spare you the details as the starters were mediocre at best and the main courses were good, yet nothing to blog about. We decided to skip the dessert and bought a very good chocolate in their store. Thank god we were in a middle of a cook store…


On our second evening we were luckier with our plan for a romantic dinner. Moshbutz is located in Ramot Moshav and has a great view to the Sea of Galilee. The place offers more than steaks and I (Inbar) could easily find something else to eat as I was sick of the beef.

New York steak

For starters we wanted to take pickled trout with Anise and tomato. At that night the fish was replaced with Salmon. It was a nice dish but didn’t meet the expectations. We also took the Apples and Pomegranate Salad that was fresh and good. For entrées Shahar took New York steak which was one of the best steaks he had and I took Trout fillet that was only good and was served with fried vegetables (although presented as steamed in the menu).

Trout Fillet

As dessert we had the leftovers of the chocolates we bought the day before in Marinado’s shop.


The check please (2 people):
Roasted Eggplant – 28 NIS
Green salad – 29 NIS
Fixed priced (Fillet of beef) – 69 NIS
Fixed priced (Lamb Burger) – 46 NIS
Soda water – 6 NIS
Coke – 6 NIS
2X Tishbi wine – 30NIS

All in all: 213 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3 Forks

Food:  Steak House in the middle of the day
Price:  Medium
Location: Golan heights

Contact details:
Address:  Ein Gev Kibutz, Golan heights | 04-6658555 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Saturday 12:00-Late


The check please (2 people):
Pickled Salmon – 32 NIS
Apples and Pomegranate Salad – 38 NIS
New York steak – 112 NIS
Trout Fillet – 82 NIS
Soda water – 11 NIS
2X Gewurztraminer Wine – 50NIS

All in all: 325 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Food: Romantic Northern Steak House
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Golan heights

Contact details:
Address:  Ramot Moshav, Golan heights | 04-6795095 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Saturday 12:30-Late

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