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Off Topic – Italy

22 Oct

We have just came back from a one week trip and have decided to blog about food outside of Tel Aviv and even outside of Israel – this post will be dedicated to our recommendations from Italy.


Polizia Municipale near the Duomo

Trattoria Mario – Small but famous for its low prices and good food. Definately wins the “Value for Money” badge for the trip (around 12EUR for main course). Get ready to stand in line.

Trattoria Mario

Value for Money Steak

La Giostra – That place was actually too fancy in our opinion and we didn’t really like it.  It does have unique dish of Pear Ravioli that we liked and other courses were generally OK. Even though, this place wins the “Not Enough Value for Money” badge (around 20EUR for a main course).

Pear Ravioli

San Lorenzo food market– while walking through San Lorenzo district’s streets one cannot miss the stands selling souvenirs. Nevertheless, you can esily miss the indoor food market located in the heart of the market. The market has a few restaurants in it but the real interesting experience is of course the stands with the fresh goodies.


Different Kinds of Lettuce

If you know what this vegetable is – kindly let us know

Trattoria Nerone  – Next to our lovely hotel (Hotel Azzi) we found a trattoria that offers large veriaty of food alongside unique atmosphere and indoor design. We had a good steak and the best pizza we ate in Italy (We didn’t eat so much pizza so take it as a limited recommendation).

The Best Pizza


“Mama” – As we travelled we felt a passion to find an authentic restaurant. In Pisa, while looking for another restaurant (no success there) we accidentally came across a small place with a real Italian Mama, cooking with her husband the last 40 years while their son is working as the waiter. We don’t know the name of the place (nor does it have a name), but on the door your will see “Degustazione Prodotti tipici Toscani Solo Buongustai” which mean “Tasting, local Products, Tuscany, Only Gourmet”. The place is located in a small alley named Via Tavoleria and if the place is open you’ll probably find it. The food was good but not amazing, yet if you’re looking for the “real” experience you should definately go there.

Tasting, local Products, Tuscan, Only Gourmet

Traditional Pasta

We were lucky to find a place in the heart of the historical center, next to the Pantheon – Charming Miniflat. From the apartment we were only few minutes away from everything.

The view from the Spanish stairs

Campo dei Fiori – Very touristic market but gives you sneak peek to Italy’s fresh products.

Campo Dei Fiori

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffé – The Best coffee we had in Italy (which probably say the best we had at all). Try their Gran-Caffe.

The Jewish quarter – A part from the cooking class we took (see next recommendation) we were taken to a tour in the old Jewish ghetto that has an authentic atmosphere. Try the families’ bakery and you will not be disappointed.

Fresh from the Oven

The Jewish Quarter

BA" GHETTO Restaurant (Word Game of "In the Ghetto" and "Baguette"). Not so politically correct

Fabulous Cooking Day – THE best activity we had in Italy. The class started in the morning when we took the tour to the Jewish ghetto and bought goodies in Campo dei Fiori. Then we met Fabio, our chef, in his restaurant near the Spanish steps and walked with him to his amazing apartment nearby.  In his kitchen we learned how to make Pasta, Lasagna, Risotto and Chicken. The outcome was simply outstanding and delicious. Bottomless wine supply helped us digest the rewarding lunch. Don’t miss it!

You will need at least 6 hands to make pasta

Donny & Rob Making Pasta with Fabio

Cooking with Fabio

The result (one of them…)

TAZZA D’ORO – One of the most famous coffee in the world, Lockley our apartment was located just above their main store in Rome.

The famous coffee

Osteria Dell’Angelo – Good steak on the grill. Pay cash only.

Due Ladroni – Quite different from the “Touristic” veriaty of restaurants (in a good way). Comparing to all the above this one is quite expensive (20-25 EUR for a main course), but definately worth it for celebrating our last day in Italy.

We hope you will enjoy our recommendations and you’re welcome to add yours as well in the comments.

Shahar & Inbar


Morning at Neve Tzedek – Dallal

15 Oct

Our favorite way to spend our time on a Friday morning is breakfast of course. We decided to give ourselves a royal treatment – and eat our Breakfast at Dallal. Dallal is a well-known restaurant located near Suzan Dallal center in Neve Tzedek. Breakfast on the bar should be a real treatment.

Basket of the Bakery's Goodies

Upon arrival to the restaurant we faced the fact that in order to get a royal treatment you have to pay royal money…  Shahar took Dallal’s morning from the Bakery – part of the restaurant in bakery that located nearby. The Bakery’s breakfast included basket of the bakery’s goodies, Prosciutto, Emmental cheese, Anchovies, Tomatoes Tapenade, Eggplant mousse, cream cheese and eggs of your choice (Sunney side up was Shahar’s choice) . The breakfast was more creative than the average breakfast in Tel Aviv and the raw material was of high quality.

Eggplant mousse, , Tomatoes Tapenade and Anchovies

As for myself, I took my favorite breakfast meal – Eggs benedict. Unfortunately, my eggs were cooked too long and were not poached as one can expect from Poached eggs.

Eggs Benedict

While paying our bill we felt that all in all it was a good breakfast nevertheless it was not the best value for our money.

The check please (2 people)

Dallal’s morning from the Bakery – 75NIS
Poached egg – 46NIS
(Cold drink are included in the breakfast price).

All in all: 121 NIS


Food: Bistro
Price: High
Location: Neve Tzedek

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Dallal

Address:  10 Shabazi st., Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv| Phone: 03-5109292 |Opening Hours:  Sunday-Saturday 09:00-1:00 AM | (English Menu)

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