Sunset at Tel Aviv – Fitzroy

27 Sep

Often, we are been asked for recommendation on a good restaurant in Tel Aviv by our acquaintances, looking for a good place to celebrate personal events. Often, we recommend about one of our favorite places – Kalamata. When we heard that the owners have opened a new place in front of Tel Aviv’s boardwalk we knew this is a place we must try.

The location is a bit confusing. It is so good you can easily fall in to the “over-priced-tourist-spot-next-to-the-beach” cliché. After all, this location have introduced some tourist restaurants in the past. Gladly, we have found another great place that does not compromise on quality nor originality.

Sunset in Tel Aviv

Sunset in Tel Aviv

With no “special occasion” we have decided to be spontaneous and check the sunset from Fitzroy’s balcony. We have decided to escort this sunset with their special cocktails – Shahar took “Flor de Sangrìa” Peach, Pineapple, Pear, Jasmine, Hazel nuts and Sparkling White Wine. I took “English Garden Cup” which is Celery infused Gin, Orange Liqueur, Rosata Vermouth, Citrus, Tarragon and Spicy Ginger ale. Both of them were very special cocktails you will not find easily in another place.

Black Gnocchi and Calamari

Black Gnocchi and Calamari

We have started with one of the specials – Black Gnocchi and Calamari. Needless to say that the Gnocchi melted in our mouth and the calamari were perfectly cooked on the grill. What we should actually mention is the amazing sauce that the Gnocchi and Calamri were “sitting” on. It was some kind of Crab Bisque, I would even say one of the best that we have ever tasted. I have considered to change the main course to a fish one just because I suspected that it will be there too. The waitress cancelled my thoughts when she said she is not sure it will be the same Bisque.

Raw Fish Slice

Raw Fish Slice

Our “Originality Award” in this meals goes to our second starter of Raw Fish Slice that was simply described as “Crispy pastry, Drum fish, Tomatoes, Red peppers, Parmesan, Olives, Basil”. Nothing could prepare us to the way it was severed – scale model of pizza in a delivery box with Tabasco. But instead of pizza we got a crispy pastry topped with fish covered with “pizza-like” topping. Except for its look and feel it was also tasty, though quite small (coming from the “Bar Snacks” menu).

Sirloin and Fillet of Lamb

Sirloin and Fillet of Lamb

We have shared a main course of Sirloin and Fillet of Lamb – Bourbon lamb stock, Potatoes and Spinach crème. The dish was very geometric as the meat and the potatoes were cut very accurately. The sauce once again was a winner and Shahar even said that it was probably one of the best lamb dishes he ate since “Jaffa Tel-Aviv”.

Porcini Brule

Porcini Brule

For desert we chose something that can easy sound as another main dish – Porcini Brule – a regular Brule topped with chestnut cream (that was there to replace the burned sugar layer). Served with Porcini ice cream and passion fruit twill that was there to replace the regular crispiness of a Brule.

This was definitely one of the most creative meals that we have ate lately. Nevertheless it did not impact the level of flavors or quality.  This definitely goes in to our “recommended list”.

The check please (2 people)

Pepsi – 12NIS
Soda water – 11NIS
Flor de Sangrìa – 40 NIS
English Garden Cup – 42NIS
Raw Fish Slice – 28NIS
Black Gnocchi and Calamari – 39NIS
Sirloin and Fillet of Lamb – 132NIS
Porcini Brule – 38NIS

All in all 342 NIS


Food: Mediterranean
Price: Very expensive
Location: Tel Aviv Boardwalk

The Cizer Kobrinsky scale: 

4.5 Forks

4.5 Forks

Contact details: Fitzroy
136 Hayarkon st. Tel Aviv | +972-3-520-6100


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