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A Copy Well Made – La Shuk

9 Sep

La Shuk's Kitchen

The first really good market restaurant in Israel was opened just a few years ago just besides the Machne Yehuda’s developing market of Jerusalem. “Machne Yehuda” is also the name of the restaurant opened by the Chef Assaf Granit and is truly one of the best restaurants in the country (book well ahead). Following the success of the theme, market restaurants were opened as mushrooms after the rain in what seems to be a series of copycats. In “La Shuk”’s case, a well-made copy.

Dizengoff Square

La Shuk, opened just last spring, offers a rustic market setting, sounds that ranges from Israeli rock to Greek and Turkish taverns, and a surprisingly successful location, right below the Dizengof square that is about to go through renovations. Oh, and market food.

We weren’t that hungry, so we have settled for three courses. The smallest of which was Veal tartar which was a nice variation of the classic Tartar. Two toast breads with topped with mustard laid in a glass bowl that contained the Tartar along with a half-cooked egg. The Tartar tasted excellent and the combination, as a whole, was delicious. I was only upset it wasn’t a larger dish. Another combination was a dish of Tabbouleh Salad and Shrimps. In this case, although the Shrimps were cooked OK and were spicy in a good way, there wasn’t any real connection to the salad, that itself was mediocre.

Veal Tartar

Tabbouleh Salad and Shrimps

The last course was Siniyee, which is an Arabic dish that includes ground beef, vegetables and spices on top of oven baked bread. Although this Siniyee was less aggressive with flavors comparing to a “true” Siniyee (we recommend on the Siniyee served at “Al Reda” restaurant in Nazareth), it was tasteful and very satisfying.


A sweet and rich Malabi ended the evening, as we agreed that, although La Shuk seems like another copy of “Machne Yehuda”, it is quite a nice copy that we will probably return to.


The check please (2 people)

Veal Tartar – 36 NIS
TabboulehSalad and Shrimps – 47 NIS
Siniyee – 44 NIS
2X Wine by the glass – 56 NIS
Malabi – 28 NIS

All in all: 211 NIS


Food: Market Food
Price: Medium
Location: Dizingoff

 The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact details: La Shuk

 Address:  92 Dizengoff st. (Dizengoff Square), Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6033117 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 12:00-Late | Friday-Saturday 09:30 – Late
http://www.rest.co.il/sites/Default.asp?txtRestID=11726 (no English)


Hot Dogs with Respect – Frank

28 Mar


There has been a lot of improvement with the variety of what is considered “comfort food” in Tel Aviv. After a long night out, you’ll get awfully hungry, but you wouldn’t want to have an actual dinner. After a long time when you had a choice between Hummus, Shawarma & Pizza, few other types of food have entered to this niche. The quality sausages of Frank are a very good example.

Zeev Tana, the owner of Frank sausages, has collected the recipes on a trip to Germany and gave this hot chain of fast-but-quality-food a Berlin chic. The three branches serve few types of sausages, including classics like Bratwürste and Frankfurter, and more special like Brat-veal Emental and Chipotle.

Brat-Veal (XL) & Potatoes

As Gal, one of my (Shahar) best friends and a fan of German food, came all the way to Tel Aviv, we took Tomer as well and decided to check what it’s all about. As expected, Gal took the classic Bratwürste, Tomer took the Brat-Veal and I took the Chipotle sausage. Though none of the sausages were among the best we had, and none of them are in the level of sausages in elite places as the Charcuterie, all of them were fleshy, juicy and generally good. The classic German Currywurst sauce, a fresh baguette, over baked potatoes as side and bottled beer gave us the exact German feeling we looked for, and summed up the place as a great value for money comfort food.

Bratwürste Chipotle

The check please (3 people)

Bratwürste (XL) – 25 NIS
Bratwürste Chipotle – 25 NIS
Brat-Veal (XL) – 25 NIS
Brat-Potatoes – 12 NIS
3 Bottles Beers – 54 NIS

All in all: 141 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks


Food:  Sausages
Price:  Cheap
Location: Ibn Gabirol & Dizingof (2 more branches)

Contact details: Frank
Address:  Ibn Gabirol 23, Tel Aviv | No Phone |
Opening Hours:  Sunday- Saturday 11:30-late
http://franks.co.il/ (no English)

Cognitive Dissonance – Edna

15 Feb

July 2012 Update: The place have closed its doors. They still have the Ramat HaSharon branch. 

It was a rainy night in the middle of the week and we were hungry, tired & looking for something not too fancy. Shahar had just remembered that the successful Ramat Hasharon restaurant named Edna had recently opened a new branch in Tel Aviv. Edna, a 30 year old restaurant, was originally a workers restaurant that served Persian food. Over the years it has been influenced by European food and today it is a combination of “homemade” and European cuisine – a combination that creates a cognitive dissonance at times. The place is designed in a very classic-European style, taking care of all the little details like table cloths and stylish menus.

Edna Specials

We started off with a Mediterranean Salad that was basically a chopped vegetable salad and was fresh and tasty. Alongside it we ordered bread that came right out of the over and was steamy hot. It was served with pickled eggplant that acted as a fabulous dip.

Bread & Eggplants on White Cloth

For the main courses Shahar took beef & lamb meatballs that were served in beef broth with carrots. The meatballs were good and the broth was excellent, especially as another dip for the bread. Inbar chose a fan of fillet of beef. It was nice piece of meat that was served with red wine sauce and accompanied with baked potatoes, sweet potatoes & spinach. The fillet was a cooked just right and the sides were excellent. Together it made a good fulfilling dish.

Cognitive Dissonance (Main Courses)

The meatballs we ate, took the “Homemade” part of the restaurant, while the fillet of beef took the “European” part. The combination was quite weird and left us with some question marks regarding the character of the place. Despite of the dissonance, we agreed that Edna is a place that knows how to cook some good food. It does not fall from the quality of the original place in Ramat Ha’Sharon in any way and has a great value for money.

The check please (2 people)

Homemade bread – 12 NIS
Mediterranean Salad – 39NIS
Beef & lamb meatballs – 45NIS
Fan of fillet of beef – 74NIS
Soda – 11NIS
Pepsi -11NIS

All in all: 191NIS

Value for Money:


Food:  Homemade / Persian / Classic European
Price:  Medium
Location: North Dizngoff / Yirmiahu

Contact details: Edna
Address:  52 Yirmiahu St., Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6289000 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday- Thursday – 10:00-01:00 | Friday 09:00-01:00 | Saturdays 12:00-01:00
http://www.edna-rest.co.il/ednata (No English menu)

Japanese Panic – Japanika

10 Feb

Just as scheduled, we decided to search for bride’s shoes. After an exhausting tour on the long Dizingoff Street, we set for a relaxing lunch at Japanika. This time, Shahar brought the camera as you can see. Japanika is one of few chains in Tel Aviv that specialized in Fast-Food Sushi, and this place was no different.

Sum Tam salad

We shared a Sum Tam salad, as well as a Tuna Tataki that was served over a Wakame salad. Shahar also took Tuna Sashimi & Inbar took the Inside-out Maki tuna avocado. As you can see the tuna fish had a major role in this lunch. Luckily for us, the tuna fish was fresh.

Tuna Tataki

The Sum-Tam salad was weird – it was tasty and not tasty at the same time. We couldn’t put our finger on it – but it seems it was the sauce that made us so ambivalent. A better sauce would have made this dish a little better.  The Maki was no different from any other sushi roll at a fast-food sushi place. The Tataki & the sashimi were surprisingly good.

Tuna Sashimi

When evaluating Japanika as a sushi place, it is clear that it is not an extremely good one. Some dishes are fine, some a little less. Yet, comparing to other fast-food sushi places, it will probably get you a better lunch than others.


The check please (2 people)

Soda water – 9NIS
Orange juice – 11NIS
Tuna Tataki – 28NIS
Sum-Tam Salad – 24NIS
I/O Maki – 16NIS
Tune Sashimi – 32NIS

Value for Money:

3 Forks


Food:  Asian
Price:  medium.
Location: Dizingoff.

Contact details: Japanika
Address:  128 Dizingoff St., Tel Aviv | Phone: *3636|
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Wednesday – 12:00-02:00 | Thursday 12:00-3:00 | Friday 12:00-20:00 | Saturdays 18:00-2:00
http://www.japanika.net (No English menu)

Kong FU

7 Dec

Just one week after the good sushi experience in the Moon, my friend Adi suggested we go to eat sushi. Adi is my sushi expert friend, so when she suggested me sushi plus added a ride on her bike, I just couldn’t say no.

After a short ride we arrived to Fu Sushi, which is located near the north of Dizingoff Street. It is a quite small place with a sitting area and a bar. We were lucky to catch the last seats available in the sitting area, without waiting on the line (though the bar was probably more exciting).

When we sat down the waiter made the table with chopsticks which were put on a black stone. In addition we got the “traditional” sauces – Spicy mayonnaise, Teriyaki & Watercress with coriander. We started with a Miso Soup and Wakame Salad which were quite good. The salad came with “Chicken Crumbs” which were actually small slices of chicken which tasted, strangely, like pastrami.

Each one of us took a combination of sushi.  Adi took the vegetarian and I preferred the fish. The vegetarian combination included vegetables Maki Foto (4 pieces), Inside-out vegetables (4 pieces), Vegetables Maki (6 pieces) & vegetables Skewer (3 pieces).  The fish combination included an inside-out spicy tuna (4 pieces) – which were the best of this combination, Avocado & Salmon Maki (6 pieces) –nice but very average, 1 Tuna Nigiri & 1 Salmon Nigiri – I didn’t like the Tuna and didn’t get to the Salmon.

All in all Fu is a casual sushi place if you’re nearby. Don’t make an effort to get there but if you’re around you can definitely find a decent sushi there.

The check please (2 people)

2 Sodas – 22 NIS
Miso soup – 15 NIS
Wakame salad – 29 NIS
Vegetarian combination – 53 NIS
Fish combination – 58 NIS

All in all: 177 NIS


Food: Fast Food Sushi
Price: Medium
Location: North Dizngoff / Yirmiahu

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3 Forks

Contact details: Fu Sushi

Address:  Yirmiahu 32 street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 057-9443445
Opening Hours:  Sunday to Saturday 12:30-1:30

Wine is not everything – Bacchus

3 Dec

November 2011 Update: The place closed its doors

Veal Carpaccio

When we sat down to write this post, we wondered what “Bacchus” is. Turns out it’s the ancient Greek god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. The name implies on the main business of a new Tel Aviv bar named “Bacchus”. The bar specializes in wine and has some tapas curses a side. We have already talked a lot about our thoughts about the Israeli tapas places, and this was not different – it wasn’t tapas.

We were three and we were looking for a good drink with side dishes. The first to be placed on our table were peanuts in their nutshell. That was a nice gesture. From a large selection of wins we ordered a German Gewurztraminer which was good choice as an easy going wine.

The “Japanese legend” course was not such a legend – there were very small slices of Tuna fish with a side salad. The tuna was very bland and the salad had too much sauce in it. For the defense of waitress, we must say she did suggest replacing the course, but we decided to skip the suggestion. The veal Carpaccio was swimming in olive oil and it was too much even for olive oil lovers like us. Then we were served two butcher courses – one was cheese and the other was cold cuts – which were served with buns. These were much better now, especially the cheese – 5 different types of cheeses, white and yellow, which were served on a wooden trunk. The final course was three different brochettes served on baguette – which was fine but a little dry.

At the end of the day (night) we came to the conclusion that Bacchus has a fine selection of wine, but if they want to succeed and to continue serving this wine they must improve their food.


Shahar & Inbar

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

2 Forks

The check please (3 people)

“Japanese legend” (Agada Yapanit) – 25 NIS
Veal Carpaccio – 30 NIS
Cheese butcher – 41 NIS
Cold cuts butcher – 41NIS
Brochettes – 29 NIS
German Gewurztraminer – 131 NIS

All in all: 287 NIS


Food: Wine & sides
Price: Medium
Location: Arlozerov-Dizngoff

Contact details: Bacchus

Address:  23 Arlozerov Street (corner with Dizingoff), Tel Aviv | Phone: 035223452
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Tuesday 17:00-01:00, Friday 11:00-01:00


I Prefer yes to… Bartleby

20 Nov

November 2011 Update: The place closed its doors

I prefer not to” is the quote that is written on the wall of Bartleby, the pub located on the center of Dizingof Street. Every time I’m visiting the place I read this sentence again and again.

Bartleby is small place, some will call it a neighborhood bar, but as the night is getting closer the neighborhood is left behind. The best time to get there on a Friday night is 10:30PM, just in time to catch the last sits on the bar. 15 minutes later you will probably find yourself drinking your beer while standing.

The bar serves up 5 types of draught beer (not the usual Goldstar you’d expect to find in Israeli pubs) and some other types of beer that will come in a bottle. I drank La Trappe& my friend Adi choose Franciscaner.  Although there is No smoking sign in the place, it’s usually quite smoky. Next to the beer you can eat more than just bagels, but don’t get your hopes high. Try the sweet-potatoes fritters.

The visit can’t be completed if you haven’t run into Bernard, a very nice old man with a French accent that will suggest you to read your future from the palm of your hand. Ask him for a discount (usually 50 NIS) and you will not regret.

The place is located in the center of Dizngoff st., and there is not a lot of parking around so my suggestion is to come car-free.


A smoky-small bar with a semi-neighborhood atmosphere.
Average age: 27+
Price level: Medium
Music: R&B, Indi, Brit-Rock, 80’s, 90’s.

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Bartleby

Dizingoff 190, Tel Aviv (entrance from a small alley in the side of the building)
Open: All days 19:00-late.

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