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A Morning of Macaroons – Idelsohn 10

31 Jan

Idelsohn 10 is chain of 4 coffee shops (none of them on Idelsohn Street). Although we have one right by our home (Witzman) we decided to take advantage of a sunny Saturday to bike up until the far Ben Yehuda Street. This place is one of the most popular coffee places in Tel Aviv and every time we got there until that day – we skipped the pleasure of waiting and went to one of the other nearby places. That time we woke up late – so when we arrived we had a sitting place right away.

Muffins & Cakes on the Counter

Shahar took the Croque-Madame – a toast with ham & Gouda cheese topped with a fried egg. Good classic dish but not an outstanding one (to our disappointment). Inbar took the Brioche filled with spinach and yolk, topped with Gouda cheese as well. This was not what we expected; it was a good course but filled with too much Gouda. Thus the dish felt a bit too fat. Both of the dishes were served with a green salad yet we replaced one of these salads with a chopped vegetables salad for an additional 10 NIS.


The “cherry on the cake” of that visit was their bakery – Idelsohn has a counter inside their coffee place with all their goods. Since we have a weakness for Macaroons cookies we didn’t have any other choice but to order a plate of Macaroons – we got a plate with 5 Macaroons in different colors – they were quite good and crispy. We especially recommend you to take the white one that had a taste of some kind of liquor. We ended the breakfast with 2 excellent cappuccinos.

The check please (2 people)

Croque-Madame – 54NIS
Brioche filled with spinach and yolk 49NIS
Chopped vegetables salad – 10NIS
Soda Water – 11 NIS
Orange juice – 13 NIS
Macaroons – 15 NIS
2 X Cappuccino – 26NIS
All in all: 178


Food:  Coffee Place
Price:  medium-expansive
Location: Ben Yahuda / Dizingof

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Idelsohn 10
Address:  252 Ben Yahuda Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-5444154|
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Friday 07:30-00:00 | Saturday 09:00-00:00


Tel Aviv Food Awards

28 Nov

This is the time to introduce you to our bible. If Tel Aviv is our religion and in food we trust then Time Out Tel Aviv is our bible. This week the magazine has published the winners in its annual food awards.  In this post we will not tell you about one place we love but rather introduce you to the winners. We hope, in the future, to document these places in our blog as well. If you’re looking for a place, this can be a good starting point. Please notice that not all the links here supply information in English.

The best restaurant: Herbert Samuel .

The best new restaurant: 1 Ha’am Tapas.

The chef of the year: Eyal Shani.

The best exclusive restaurant: Catit.

The bar with the best food: Messa.

The best Italian restaurant: Mel & Mishel .

The best meat restaurant: Yoezer Bar Yain (Yoezer wine bar).

The best Asian restaurant: Bait Tahilandi (Tahi House).

The best fish and sea food restaurant: Manta Ray.

The best tapas restaurant: Tapeo.

The best bistro: Brasserie.

The best kosher restaurant: Liliot.

The best ethnic restaurant: Edna.

The best healthy / vegetarian / vegan restaurant: 24 rupee.

The best “value for money” restaurant: Segev Express.

The best restaurant chain: Giraffe.

The best sandwich: Ruben.

The best children friendly restaurant: Moses.

The best pizzeria: Tony Vespa.

The best burger: Agadir.

The best ice cream / yogurt: Anita.

The best hummus: Ali Karavan (Abu Hassan).

The best café: Hatachtit.

The best upbeat restaurant: Nanuchka .

The best restaurant for a date: Nana Bar.

The best wine bar: Habasta.

The best beer bar in the city: Porter & Sons.

The best bakery / patisserie in the city: Dalel’s bakery.

The best delicatessen: Hinnawi butcher & meat delicacy.

The best breakfast: Benedict.

The best late night: Dixie.

The best restaurant bar: Social Club.

The best restaurant on the beach: Manta Ray.

In the name of the Aunt – Hilinka

20 Nov

Hilinka (from Facebook page)

Hilinka define itself as a neighborhood bistro-café in the old Tal Aviv ambiance. While writing this post I have noticed that most of the places we write about have the word “neighborhood” in their description. I wonder if it used in order to make your place more inviting. The truth is that there is a lot of demand for cafes in Tel Aviv, so every café place in a neighborhood can define itself as neighborhood place.

The name Hilinka is based on someone’s aunt who was very special and spoiling for this someone. It is also decorated with inspiration from old Tel Aviv/Poland, with crystal & porcelain housewares.

The place specializes in breakfasts, but you will find there launch as well. The food is not unique but it will be good enough to open a free day like Friday (or any other day you’re visiting Tel Aviv). Try the brioche or the Shakshukas they have there for breakfasts.

The check please (2 people)

Scandinavian brioche – 39NIS
Omelet Sandwich – 32NIS
Fresh orange juice – 16NIS
Soda Water – 9NIS
2X Cappuccino – 22NIS
All in all: 118NIS

Food: café place.
Price: Medium.
Location: Arlozerov

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3 Forks

Contact details: Hilinka

Address: Arlozerov 76, corner with Shlomo Hamelach, Tel Aviv.
Opening: Sunday to Thursday 07:30-00:00; Friday 07:00-18:00; Saturday 09:00-00:00  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tel-Aviv-Yafo-Israel/hylynqh-qph-bystrw/115073728520161

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