Disestablishmentarianism – Toto

24 Aug

About a month ago we got married for the second time. In oppose to the first time, when we got married by Rabbi Gilad Kariv from the Progressive Judaism movement, this time we only did it for the official stamp of the Rabbinate. When the ceremony was done, all we were looking for is a good place to eat non-kosher food that will help us to forget the old-fashioned establishment. Luckily, Toto was just 10 minutes’ walk from there.

The Bar

Toto is a chef restaurant from the kitchen of chef Yaron Shalev, a young and premising chef. The restaurant is located near the court in Tel Aviv, which makes it a popular place for lunch among lawyers and business men. Although Toto is a very expensive restaurant, it offers fixed menu for lunch – for 98 NIS you will get an entrée and a main course.

Calamari Salad

For starters Inbar took the Calamari Salad – fresh combination of grilled Calamari, fresh onion and fried onion, two different kinds of Cherry tomatoes, green pepper, chick-peas and herbs. This kind of dish have become a must have dish in the menu of every Tel Aviv restaurant that respect itself. Nevertheless, it was not disappointing and did manage to top over the average Calamari Salad.

Pickled Anchovy

Grilled Eggplant

Shahar took the pickled Anchovy that was served on top of lentils & yogurt, green pepper, tomatoes and onion – spicy and fresh dish. Benny & Zipi took the Grilled Eggplant that was served with tomatoes seeds, radish, labaneh,  onion and herbs. This dish came in two different sizes as one of them was part of the fix menu and the other wasn’t. Shaul took the Gazpacho soup that was excellent.

Pappardelle Ragu

For the main courses we weren’t so much versatile as in the entrees. Benny, Shaul & Inbar took the Pappardelle Ragu –stew of veal, chestnuts and root vegetables that was cooked for hours and served with homemade Pappardelle. Shahar & Ronit took the Shalev’s legendary dish – Chestnut Gnocchi with Truffles butter – a dish that although is quite “heavy” you just can’t get enough of… heavenly dressed fluffy gnocchi. Zipi Took the Black Pasta that was cooked with Calamari and Shrimp and was also a good dish but not very special.

Chestnut Gnocchi

Black Pasta

Picking Toto as the dessert of our unnecessary wedding was a good choice for the beginning of our shared life (according to the state if Israel) & helped us to quickly forget that anachronistic establishment.

The Check Please (6 people)

Vital Water – 28NIS
3X Lemonade – 36NIS
Soda water – 11NIS
Calamari Salad (Fixed Menu) – 15NIS
Grilled eggplant (Fixed Menu)
Gazpacho (Fixed Menu)
Grilled eggplant – 48NIS
Pickled Anchovy – 58NIS
3X  Pappardelle Ragu (Fixed Menu) – 294
2X Chestnut Gnocchi – 164NIS
Black Pasta – 98NIS

All in all: 752NIS


Food: Italian Chef Restaurant
Price: Very Expensive
Location: Weitzman, Curt house, Tel Aviv Arts Museum.

 The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4.5 Forks

Contact Details: Toto

Address:  4 Berkovits st, Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6935151 | Opening Hours:  Sunday – Saturday 12:30-00:00 | | http://www.toto-rest.co.il/


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