Almost at Home – Rustico

3 Jan

Everyone wants to have a neighborhood restaurant he or she can just take a sweater and head down to sit the regular table and have the regular course which will always be executed the same way. Though sounds a little boring, such a place can provide a very good default when you just don’t have the strength to start cooking or you’re just too damn hungry. Rustico Bazel, with its solid execution, relaxing atmosphere and location, is getting quite close.

Rustico is an Italian place, where Bazel is its second location (first one in Rotshield). The Bazel location, as well as the staff attitude, feels very welcoming and neighborhood-like (not only because it’s close to home). The times where we sat down and ate in Rustico, we always had the same feeling regarding food quality and execution – not amazing but rather quite solid.

Take the Lasagna for example. Rustico’s Lasagna is very much what you would expect as a fulfilling Italian lunch. Though the Bechamel sauce wasn’t much noticed, it felt very much straight from the oven, along with tasty tomato sauce and quality melted cheese.

Gnocchi and Shrimps

Gnocchi and Shrimps in a Lemon butter sauce, though coming from the days’ special, felt also like another day in the (solid) office. While Rustico’s Gnocchi is nothing compared to Toto’s, it is moist and not sticky. Though the shrimps are not more than OK, the sauce is another one Rustico simply won’t fail with.

Seabass Escabeche

It was rather the Seabass Escabeche with vegetables that did not come from the same neighborhood and, though not bad at all, was a little boring and failed to put a big impression on us.


Profiteroles as dessert, ordered from the specials as well, were very sweet, very chocolaty (and too heavy) but showed that Rustico, despite being a very solid with its execution and food quality, is too expensive to call a neighborhood restaurant. We will come back. Just not that often.

The Check Please (2 people)

Seabass Escabeche – 38 NIS
Gnocchi and Shrimps – 69 NIS
Lasagna – 62 NIS
Profiteroles – 41 NIS
Coke – 12 NIS
San Pellegrino – 13 NIS

All in all – 253 NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Bazel

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Rustico
Address:  42 Bazel st. Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6026969 |
Sunday –Saturday 12:00-00:00 |

See also previous review – A Rustic Breakfast – Rustico


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