Eat Like an Egyptian – Port Said

20 Apr

Two months ago we met with Yael and Yoni on one of the new trendy places in Tel Aviv (and not in Egypt as the name suggests) – Port Said. The place is somewhere between a restaurant and a bar and it is owned by the famous chef – Eyal Shani.  It took us a while to write the post but it was worth waiting.

Port Said is all about the cool-hipster style with old fashioned Egyptian music like Umm Kulthum played in the background by a gramophone (or something that sounds like it). You cannot book a table at Port Said and it is quite hard to even find their phone number. Once I tracked it down they told me over the phone that if we will arrive until 20:00 we should be able to get a table without a problem. Indeed, we were the last customers that didn’t have to wait for a table. People that came later had to improvise with a bench as a table.

The menu isn’t really divided to firsts and seconds but rather a wide selection of dishes.

Minute Steak

Minute Steak

Yoni and Yael started with one of Shani’s famous dishes from the Miznon – the Minute steak and in addition some kind of mash of Soybean. The Minute Steak was quite good but the soybean mash was so awful that we had to ask them to take it back and asked for baked potato with Crème fraîche instead.

Roast beef Carpaccio

Roast beef Carpaccio

After a while of waiting we have also received our dishes – Roast beef Carpaccio &

Bread Salad

Bread Salad

. Both of them were delicious. The Carpaccio wasn’t the classic Carpaccio that you can recognize from the typical Tel Aviv’s restaurants; it was seared before it was cut to a thicker level than usual.

Rooster Sandwich

Rooster Sandwich

After additional waiting Yael and Yoni got the “Rooster Sandwich” that they ordered in the beginning of our dinner, nevertheless the waiting didn’t kill their passion to the dish and they found it very tasty. I ordered Egg Salad sandwich while we were still short of one baked potato Shahar ordered earlier.

Backed Potato

Baked Potato

The Egg Salad was very classic and even reminded me my grandfather’s egg salad that came from Poland and definitely not from Egypt.  The baked potato that appeared in the first act got off (from the kitchen) in the third. Finally we received the potato and it was worth waiting as it felt as it brought right out of the fire. With fresh touch of “Crème fraîche” and a bit of spicy green paper you can feel the Eyal Shani’s touch.

For dessert we took Guava marmalade which was a sweet ending to a very good dinner.

The check pleases (4 People):

2 X Goldstar beer- 47 NIS
5 X Peroni beer – 145 NIS
Minute Steak – 44 NIS
Bread salad – 38 NIS
2 X Baked Potato – 46 NIS
Roast beef Carpaccio – 37 NIS
Rooster Sandwich – 38 NIS
Egg Salad Sandwich – 28 NIS
Guava Marmalade – 28 NIS

All in all 451 NIS

Food:  Advanced bar food
Price:  High
Location: Allenby street

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Har Sinai 2, Tel Aviv


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