Different Friday Breakfast – Shvil HaChalav (Milky Way)

10 Dec

After our last “low price” post we have thought several times that we should go back to write on places in this price level. That was a Friday morning and we were at the Yemenite Vineyard (Kerem HaTeimanim), we decided this is a good opportunity for the next low price post. The area is full of small family-like restaurants that offer simple food for reasonable prices so we walk through the streets until we found the place we liked.

The Entrance

The Entrance

I must mention that stepping into a restaurant we don’t know in this city is not a regular thing for us, the couple that will not go to a restaurants without several good recommendations.  The place is managed by an old Yemenite man named Shimshon, who is cooking the food and serving it to your table. In the background music you can hear Hebrew Yemenite songs that I could not find on YouTube.

Shimshon in action

Shimshon in action

Shahar took the breakfast which is egg made in the way you want and some salads. The interesting part was that these salads were not the usual salads that you would see in a typical Tel Aviv breakfast.



I took Shakshuka that was made from fresh tomatoes  and was quite good. Everything was escorted with Pitta bread and some pickles and fresh orange juice that was squeezed in front of our eyes.



Overall although  this was a simple breakfast it was certainty  different experience then what we are used to. Good breakfast in a resalable price.

The check pleases (2 People):

2 X Fresh orange juice

All in all: 70 NIS


Food:  Homemade Yemenite
Price:  Low
Location: Kerem HaTeimanim (the Yemenite Vineyard).

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Shvil HaChalav

Address:  Yehya Kapah 27, Kerem HaTeimanim, Tel Aviv | +972-54-4510613 | Sunday-Friday 07:30-15:00

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