Friday at the market – Hakovshim (2)

6 Jan


A common tourist attraction as well as local hangout on a Tel Aviv Friday morning is to walk around the Carmel’s market. Huge amount of people are crowded all along the way on Carmel Street as well as the nearby Nachlat Binyamin. Before you head up to any restaurant around, take yourselves an hour or so to walk between the stalls. When your hunger comes into place, it’s time to look for a good place to sit. Few options are available all around the area including Papas, Gadera 26, Habasta (The market stall) and many more. We decided to head to Hakovshim for a breakfast.


Yes we know we already wrote about Hakovshim, but we couldn’t help going there for a breakfast of 3 (together with our matchmaker Adi), just before our Friday stroll at the market. As we already mentioned in Hakovshim previous post, we really like the place as it shows that the owner loves fresh ingredients and cooks with a lot of passion. Their breakfast is quite diverse as they serve the regular 2 eggs – salad – bread & cheeses Israeli breakfast as well as two types of Shakshuka, Burika and some very good sandwiches.

Gauda Sandwich

Inbar & Adi took the regular Shakshooka while Shahar took the Dutch Gauda sandwich. The Shakshooka was very good as the tomatoes were very fresh and roughly cut. It was served with a crunchy hot black bread & tehina. The Gauda sandwich was very unique as it contained two types of roasted peppers and some tasty aioli sauce. The green salad which was served next to it wasn’t a miss as well.

Cappuccinos were the closure of a fabulous breakfast which itself was just a starter for a great Friday morning in the Carmel market.

The check please (3 people)

Shakshooka – 2 X 39 NIS
Dutch Gauda Sandwich – 38 NIS
Cappuccino – 2 X 12 – 24 NIS

All in all: 140 NIS


Food: Israeli Bistro with fresh marked goods
Price: Medium
Location: Carmel market

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Ha kovshim

Address:  48 HaKovshim Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 0579438862
Opening Hours:  Sun – Thu -08:00 – 24:30 | Fri 08:00 – 19:00

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