Conquering our hunger – HaKovshim

23 Nov

It is so much fun to write about a place we love as HaKovshim, it is even a greater fun to eat there. This week we were invited by Zipi for some quality time. We didn’t want something to heavy or fancy. After going through the list in our heads (soon to be documented in this blog) we knew – HaKovshim.

HaKovshim is an Israeli bistro that bases its courses on the fresh goods from the nearby Carmel market. It’s a simple place with no pretensions. The food is just great, simple and fresh and you can always count on some new and exciting specials from the kitchen (don’t hesitate to take a ceviche if they have one).  The atmosphere is casual but if you come on daytime you can still feel the market vibe coming from the outside.

Burghul Salad

Some courses we recommend include Sardines, Beef Fillet medallions, Shoshka Peppers, Burghul Salad and Beef Filet Medallions with Home-Made Gnocchi. It’s also a good idea to take a few starters to share as we’ve done today. The only course we didn’t like was the “Tal Fridman” breakfast. To sum up, a great place to visit on a hot summer night of Tel Aviv.

The check please (3 people)

Shoshka Peppers – 28 NIS
Burghul Salad – 38 NIS
Beef Filet Medallions – 34 NIS
Gravadlax – 32 NIS
Roquefort brochette with Portobello & balsamic vinegar (special) – 32NIS
Soda – 9NIS
Water – 10NIS
Orange Juice   – 13NIS
All in all: 200NIS

Beef Fillet Medallions


Food: Israeli Bistro with fresh marked goods (and in the good way).
Price: Medium.
Location: Carmel market



 The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

4 Forks

Contact details: Ha kovshim

Address:  48 HaKovshim Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 0579438862
Opening Hours:  Sun – Thu -08:00 – 24:30 | Fri 08:00 – 19:00

P.S – we would like to thank you all for the great feedback on this blog. We welcome you to subscribe to the RSS & comment.

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