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On the road – Nof Ha Carmel

9 Jan

Sunny Saturday in the middle of January is something one can’t miss. We took the company car and headed north to the Carmel View Road, the one that located in Israel, not San Diego. Faulty yet amazing road, that ended right before Isfiya because of pothole on the way. When the road ended unexpectedly, due to this pothole, we found ourselves hungry in the middle of Isfiya, looking for a place to satisfy it.

Carmel View Road

After long search after a restaurant named “Keter Ha Carmel” (Carmel’s Crown) which we could not found, we sat at Nof Ha Carmel (Carmel’s view) that presented itself as chef restaurant. In practice, it didn’t remind us any of the chef restaurants we know from Tel Aviv, but it was definitely a good place.


We started with “Salads”. Salads in the Arabic style restaurants means filling up the table with all kind of salads. This time the variety was exceptional in comparison to other similar place (such as Haachim and even Haj Kahil). To the table, one by one, we were served Pita bread, cauliflower, Matbucha, Tuna salad, cabbage salad, Labaneh, Pickled Carrots, beet, 3 kinds of vegetables salads and hummus. All of them were quite good and tasty.


For main course we shared Lamb Mansaf – a soft and full of tastes meat that laid over amazing rice that was getting its taste from the lamb, and all of this wonder on top of pita bread. For dessert we took the traditional Kanafeh  which was too sweet in our opinion and can definitely be optional if you choose to adopt our recommendation.


All in all, Nof Ha Carmel is a good option if you are around and looking for Arabic style food (which is pretty much all you can find in this area). And if you can – we strongly suggest trying the Carmel view road as well.

The check please (2 people)

Salads with main course – 29 NIS
Salads without main course – 35 NIS
Mansaf – 85 NIS
Kanafeh – 30 NIS
Soda water – 7 NIS
Pepsi – 10 NIS

All in all: 196 NIS


Food: Arabic
Price: Medium
Location: Isfiya, North

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Nof Ha Carmel

Address:  Main road Isfiya | Phone: 057-9441083 |
Opening Hours:  Monday-Saturday 11:00-20:00 |   http://www.rest.co.il/RecordPage.aspx?RestID=1017#1

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