Turning Tables – HaShulchan (Table)

4 Jun

A while ago, three months ago to be precise, Adi, Elad and I have decided to check the “Table”, the new restaurant of the young and promising chef Omer Miler. I admit, it has been a while but I can still remember the good and the bad.

Though we came time, the restaurant wasn’t ready for us. After several minutes of waiting to the hostess (that didn’t give us too much attention), we were seated in a “Table”.

We start with Egg Schnitzel – the restaurant most famous dish – Eggs coated in bread crumbs and pan fried as a schnitzel. The egg was served with Garam masala, shallots, green onion & lime vinaigrette dressing. I have a weakness for soft boiled egg with liquid yolk; as such this dish should have been the perfect match for me – but it wasn’t. I can’t say the dish wasn’t tasty but in my humble opinion the flavors did not really combine together.

Egg Schnitzel

Egg Schnitzel

In addition we took “Iceberg Salad” – In this case, the chef decided on a broad interpretation to meaning of salad as we were only served Iceberg lettuce with some sauce on it.

Grilled Calamari & Cheese Tortellini

Grilled Calamari & Cheese Tortellini

For main course Elad and I took the same dish – Grilled Calamari that wasn’t very remarkable. Adi took Cheese Tortellini which according to the menu should have contained mushrooms; in practice the mushrooms weren’t there at all. The waitress response was “it’s there – you just can’t notice it”.

Strawberry & Malabi

Strawberry & Malabi

For desert we took fresh strawberries that were served on top of mascarpone cheese; we have received complimentary Roseta Malalbi that was served with date honey, palm and almonds. Both of the deserts were light and tasty.

When summarizing our visit, although it was a while ago, I would say that big disappointments come from high expectations. Omer Miler has set a high bar but in our opinion did not pulled it off.

The Check Please (4 people)
Egg Schnitzel – 28 NIS
Iceberg Salad – 44 NIS
Grilled Calamari – 2X68 NIS
Cheese Tortellini  – 62 NIS
Colombia Gewurztraminer – 110 NIS
Strawberry – 36 NIS
Malabi – 36 NIS (on the house)
Espresso – 10NIS
Cappuccino – 12 NIS

All in all – 438 NIS


Food: New Israeli Kitchen
Price: High
Location: Rothschild

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3 Forks

Contact Details: Table

Address:  73 Rotchild st., Tel Aviv| Phone:  03-5257171 | Daily 12:00-Late


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