Spice Up Your Friday – Levinsky Market

2 Mar

Mark yourselves a 2-hour time window at some Friday morning. Then you can stroll to one of the liveliest streets in Tel Aviv at that time – Levinsky Street. Levinsky Market, stretched along the street (from Ha’alia down west), is hectic and not so tourist oriented, but definitely should not be overlooked. The street is filled with shops selling spices, delicatessen, cheese and oriental food and would be a great place to add some touch-ups to your recipes.

As the market is becoming trendier lately, few places to eat are popping out here and there, throughout the market. At two different opportunities we have managed to visit two of the places that set out two very different experiences while supplying their own variation of the market.

Cafe Kaimak

Café Kaimak, located at the Nachlat Binyamin corner, is literally part of the market. As it is fully opened to the market, right between the vendors, you can hear all the trouble happening outside while sitting in the unpretentious setting. The prices are welcoming as well as the service and the food is pretty nice as well. On the late Friday morning, when we sat along with Adi for a late breakfast, we had a very decent Shakshuka (27 NIS) and a “Red Toast” that included Gauda cheese, tomatoes and a great red peppers paste (36 NIS).

Shakshuka (Cafe Kaimak)

Red Toast

Café Kaimak:

Food: Breakfast
Price: Cheap
Location: Levinsky Market

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3 Forks


Devochka (“Girl” in Russian), located a bit off the market at the crossing HaChalutzim Street, is offering a far more relaxed atmosphere. You can pick one of a variety of sandwiches, made at the spot with some market goods displayed at the counter. Though there is (very) little place to sit inside, try to grab a sandwich and sit at the stools outside and catch some relaxing Friday noon sun (good luck finding that available spot). While meeting with Samuel and Keren for a lunch there, right before the vendors closed their shops, we had some great Corned Beef Sandwich and Cheese Sandwich (24 NIS each) along with a well-suitable-for-Friday-noon Coffee.

Devochka Counter

Corned Beef Sandwich


Food: Sandwiches
Price: Cheap-Medium
Location: Off Levinsky Market

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks

Coffee & Afternoon Sun (Devochka)

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