Tourist Spot: Not What You’d Expect – Kitchen Market

17 Dec

The market – Here we are again. The market restaurant scene is getting crowded as many restaurants join the trend. Some more successful (La Shuk for example), some don’t have much more than the trend (Montefiore 7). Eventually you’ll judge a “Market” restaurant based on fresh goods and the chef’s creativity and execution.

The Market in a Plate – Spanish Mackerel

The farmers market at Tel Aviv Port is a tricky location. At first sight it’s a perfect location – Sea View, interested tourists, locals with families and the nice market at your fingertips. Even though, such locations invite boring restaurants, counting on the setting alone as well as tourist traps, having a lousy value for money. Many restaurants located at the port’s deck answer these definitions. “Kitchen Market” though, is different altogether.

Pizza Milanese

Take the Pizza Milanese or the Beef Fillet Skewer for example. A Pizza in such a place as like a Beef Skewer allegedly does not relate to the market or the sea location and could very well be the fall of the dinner. In reality, the pizza, topped with Buffalo Mozarella, Italian Sausage and fresh tomatoes was the best we had in many years, not only because of the toppings but also the crunchy thin dough which brings lots of Italian memories. The Beef Skewer actually did come from the market’s butchery and showed that the butchery is well worth a visit.

Genius – Crispy Polenta Sticks

Two fried dishes of Melita fish and Crispy Polenta sticks were quite different from each other. The fried fish dish was escorted with lots of market supply like eggplant, chili and lemon which were great but actually hid the fish which lost it taste a little in the pan (we also think the dish is overpriced). The Polenta sticks on the other hand were genius, no less. It seemed like the chef gave all his heart while preparing the corn polenta and the delicate crisp. If you search for a drink escort this must be the dish for you. With a contrast, Truffle French Fries dish showed that Truffle should be used only where it fits.

Melita fish – Lost its taste

The Antipasti dish as well as the Spanish Mackerel was the market itself on our plates. We actually felt the beautiful goods from downstairs (Kitchen Market is located on the second floor) took the stairs straight to us.

The Market’s Antipasti

A summer Panacota (yes, late post… better than never) and a Coffee Brule, were just two of what seems to be a very inviting dessert vitrine you can’t help but to stare at. While it could have endangered the whole impression of the restaurant, as like the whole dinner, Kitchen Market doesn’t let itself fall. Not even for a minute.

Longing the Summer – Panacota

Excellent Coffee Brule

The check please (4 people)

Big Crispy Polenta Sticks – 31 NIS
Small Antipasti – 24 NIS
Pizza Milanese – 62 NIS
Beef Fillet Skewer – 72 NIS
Chicken Garganali – 58 NIS
Melitas – 72 NIS
Small Spanish Mackerel – 26 NIS
Truffle French Fries – 19 NIS
Summer Panacota – 36 NIS
Coffee Crème Brule – 38 NIS
Proseco (Bottle) – 98 NIS

All in all: 536 NIS


Food: Market
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Tel Aviv Port – Farmers Market

 The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale: 

4.5 Forks

Contact details: Kitchen Market
Address: Hangar 12, Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | Phone: 057-9426881 |
Opening Hours:  Monday-Thursday 12:30-16:30, 18:00-24:00 Friday-Saturday 09:00-16:30, 18:00-24:00

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