Italian Experience at the Heart of Tel Aviv – La Repubblica (di RoniMottti)

10 Dec

Lately, while talking a walk in the quarter of the heart of Tel Aviv, we noticed that our favorite restaurant from Ramat Hachayal is working on a new branch. Over the weekend, while reading our favorite magazine – Time Out Tel Aviv, we have realized that it is not a new branch but rather a relocation. RoniMotti, one of the best Italian places in the city have decided to get closer to the heart of Tel Aviv. The week after we have already booked a table in order to check the new place with Shahar’s parents – Zipi and Shaul.

Bread and Antipasti

We started with complimentary Bread and Antipasti. This antipasti is a good example of how this dish can be served in so many restaurant in the city but only few will really know how to execute it well. On top of quality olive oil there they were – oven baked vegetables such us Beet, Onion and Pepper alongside Olives and tasty slices of Parmesan cheese. The bread was crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. With the bread came some crunchy bread sticks that were topped with nigella seeds that gave it its edgy taste.

Rocula Carcciofi & Fichi

For starters Shaul and Zipi shared the Rocula Carcciofi Salad, Fish Carpaccio and Fichi. Fichi are slices of fresh figs and real buffalo mozzarella cheese that were topped with balsamic sauce and basil olives. This classic Italian salad (Fichi are figs in Italian) was surprisingly not dull at all and the balsamic sauce was cooked to be contracted and thick. The Fish Carpaccio was gentle and light, perfect match for the crispy bread.

Beef & Fish Carpaccio

We shared the Beef Carpaccio that was, again, seasoned with good olive oil, parmesan cheese and Rocula leaves. As its colleague dish, the Fish Carpaccio, the Beef Carpaccio was made of good beef (Sirloin) and suited the bread perfectly. In addition, we were served complimentary Malfatti. Malfatti are kind of dumplings made of spinach and cheese on top of Rosa (tomato) sauce. The combination of the melted cheese and the cream sauce, made it, as appose to the other starters, a heavy dish.

Veal Cannelloni

After a massive attack of appetizers and starters, and after drinking a first round of fine Flam Classico (Israeli red wine of Flam winery), we were ready for the main courses. This time we decided to split – Shahar took the Veal Cannelloni – Canneloni Pasta filled with slow cooked chopped Veal and tomatoes sauce – a true Italian dish that does not try to flatter the average Israeli diner – and tastes great.

Tagliatelle with Shrimps and Carcciofi

Inbar took Tagliatelle with Shrimps and Carcciofi that were cooked in lemon, white wine and butter sauce. A simple dish with quality ingredients – from the homemade pasta to the fresh Shrimps, and especially the lemon sauce that gave the dish it unique flavors. Zipi and Shaul shared the Sirloin steak that was perfectly cooked and served with beef stock and spinach. A good steak is measure by the beef quality and the cooking quality. In that case, both were at a very high class.

Sirloin Steak

For dessert, our first two choices were missing from the menu that evening, so we head to settle for Crème Brule and Tiramisu, both served at their classic version – not too bad (or even good), but nothing to write home (or post) about. As in the previous phases of the dinner, so as in the dessert phase, the owner (Motti) did not forget us – we were served complimentary chocolate cake. At that stage it was already overloading of sweets and we pretty much skipped it (Although appreciating the nice gesture).


When coming to the end of the post, you will probably say it is hard to critic when receiving so many complimentary dishes. But, our dear readers – have no fear! We are professional writers, and as such we know to compliment a place when it deserved it and definitely criticize when needed. This time, with a whole heart (and stomach) we will definitely recommend you book table ASAP.

The Check Please (4 people)

Fish Carpaccio – 52NIS
Beef Carpaccio – 48NIS
Fichi – 48NIS
Rocula Carcciofi – 42NIS
Tagliatelle – 72NIS
Veal Cannelloni – 78-NIS
Sirloin Steak – 110NIS
Water – 20 NIS
Flam Classico – 138NIS
Crème Brule – 38NIS
Tiramisu – 32NIS


Food: Italian
Price: Medium-Expensive
Location: Heart of Tel Aviv / Allenby

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

4 Forks

Contact Details: La Repubblica di RoniMottti

Address:  3 Mazeh st. Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6470247 |
Opening Hours: Sunday – Friday 8:30-24:00 Saturday 9:30-24:00 |

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