Happy Happy – Nanuchka

11 Aug

The view from outside

When Elad called me (Inbar) and asked at what time are we meeting today I was surprised. Getting an unplanned invitation from Elad is something you just can’t say no to. Adi picked me on her scooter and we all me at Lilenblum st.  which is a host of some fine restaurants such North Abraxas and Frida Kahlo (which we didn’t like).

Toast with Australian Gewurztraminer

We decide to  visit a well known institute in Tel Aviv food scene – Nanuchka –  a place that had opened its gates over 8 years ago – impressive fact in this short-term industry. Nanuchka is known for is Georgian food and its very happy atmosphere.

Meat Khinkali

We were set in the front of the restaurant, probably the worst area in the place (as we wanted to have a smoke), while the best place is probably at the vibrant bar. Nevertheless, we were not disappointed. We shared four dishes: Mjave – Pickled Georgian Vegetables – which was a nice escort to the dinner, though we didn’t notice anything Georgian (or different) about it.  Meat Khinkali – are kind of Georgian dumplings that were served with spicy and tasty salsa sauce. Ispanakhi Kada – Spinach and Cheese pastry that was very large and satisfying. Last but not least was the Satsivi – cold dish of Chicken breast in a transitional walnut sauce – that was kind of heavy (as the waitress warned us).


We escorted the dinner with an Australian Gewurztraminer & chose a tasty Malabi for dessert. All in all the food was good but not amazing. It was the good atmosphere, the band and the people who were dancing at the bar, that made our visit (and the place) so special.

Happy Happy - the vibrant bar

The check please (3 people)

Mjave – 19 NIS
Meat Khinkali – 52NIS
Ispanakhi Kada – 48NIS
Satsivi – 39NIS
Malabi – 28NIS
Australian Gewurztraminer – 128 NIS

All in all: 314 NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks


Food:  Georgian
Price:  Medium-Expensive
Location: Lilenblum

Contact details: Nanuchka

Address:  30 Lilenblum Street, Tel Aviv | 03-5162254, 057-2274198
Opening Hours:  Sunday-Saturday 12:00-late
http://www.rest.co.il/sites/default.asp?txtrestid=2954 (No English Menu)


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