Meat, The Expert

16 Jul

The Terrace View

Just one week after returning from our honeymoon in the Philippines, we decided to use our last wedding treat. Guy & Naama gave us – food lovers – the perfect wedding gift – beef cooking class with the chef Erez Komarovsky.

Erez & The Garden

The class attendees are invited to Erez’s home at Matat, located in the Upper Galilee. Matat is located 800 meters above see line, having amazing views on a beautiful valley.  We arrived at 10:30 AM as requested. Erez welcomed us with a smile and a glass of wine. We sat at his terrace, enjoying the view, when we were served the best Antipasti we have ever eaten. Tomato, Cauliflower, Eggplant & Zucchini were served with crispy, out-of-the oven bread (Erez’s specialty).

View from the inside

After a short mingling with the other participants, Erez invited us to his huge garden, where he tested our sense of smell. In his garden Erez is growing all kinds of herbs that he uses in his cooking.  From Hyssop through Lemmon Grass, Chamomile and other types of herbs that we didn’t even hear off.

From the tour in the garden, we continued to the ground floor of the house, where he carries out the actual cooking class. In the next 3.5 hours, Erez cooked for us 6 different kinds of meats and side dishes while using his garden’s goods. Beef Carpaccio, Seared Sirloin, Chicken hearts with Bamia, Beef Kebabs, Lamb Chops and Grilled Chicken Breast, were all served and were all amazing, without exceptions. These were escorted with lots of red wine and his amazing breads.

Rump Tataki

Rump Tataki

Rump Carpaccio

Chicken Hearts


For desert we had fresh Cherry & Raspberry – again – straight from his garden and drank black coffee and tea. Stuffed, without any ability to have another single crumb, we tried to find our way back to the car… Luckily, we booked ahead a Zimmer nearby.

Lamb Chops

Grape Leaves and Rice Pie

Hanger Steak

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