Fashion Victim – Montefiore 7

25 Jun

Update July 2013: The place is closed.

Montefiore 7 Bar

The latest trend on town in the restaurant scene is the market restaurants that are opening up like mushrooms after the rain (which in this year was extended more than expected). As Adi offered to celebrate my birthday I chose to go after the trend and try one of the new market places – Montefiore 7.

Spicy Lemon Spread & Za’atar

Montefiore 7 (Sheva, in Hebrew), deli and restaurant, is surprisingly located at 7th Montefiore Street, the street that hosts at least two more places that adopted the street name when came to choose their names (Hotel Montefiore, Yavne-Montefiore). While riding Adi’s motorbike I was hoping that the place’s name does not indicate its (lack of) uniqueness.

When entering the well-designed market-oriented restaurant, I couldn’t help wondering whether I have been in the place before. And I did – I was in Machnea Yehuda, Tapas in the Port, Tapas 1 Haam, Cordovero and so on. Montefiore 7 is not different from all others.

We set on the bar and started with a bottle of Gewurztraminer wine and only then we were ready to order. We were served a complimentary paper bag, which luckily included white bread along with spicy lemon spread & Za’atar.

When coming to choose from the menu we couldn’t notice that it uses a lot of Hebrew terms that reminded us the terms of Eyal Shani in general and North Abraxas specifically. Nevertheless, we did not give up and ordered from the deli’s goods and from the restaurant menu, which changes on a daily bases and depends on the market supply.

Rump Carpaccio

We shared a Cold Sirloin, pickled in seven spices, served in a small plate and a farmer’s tomato salad – a salad that combines different kinds of tomatoes, red onion, garlic, spicy pepper, radish, black olives and Bryndza cheese. The fresh tomatoes salad, another hot trend in Tel Aviv, was served with small burned Pita bread, which added a different twist to the known dish.

Tomato Salad

For the main courses, although all served together, Adi took Rump Carpaccio while I took Purple Calamari served on top of yogurt and black pees salad. The Calamari was a bit stiff for me, but all in all it was a nice dish. The Rump Carpaccio was an average (but quite good) Carpaccio dish.


For dessert we took Malabi, a small tasty dessert that was served in a mini jar alongside with pear jam.

When coming to summarize our visit I must say that although the place was not very unique, it was good, after all we are all fashion victims.

The check please (2 people)

Blue Nan Gewurztraminer (Bottle) – 98NIS
Pickled Sirloin in seven spices – 22NIS
Farmer’s Tomatoes Salad – 28NIS
Rump Carpaccio – 32NIS
Purple Calamari – 39NIS
Malabi – 28NIS

All in all: 247NIS

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3.5 Forks



Food: Market food
Price:  Medium
Location: Montefiore / Hertzel

Contact details: Montefiore 7
Address: 7th Montefiore St., Tel Aviv| 03-5100094 |
Opening Hours:  Sunday – Thursday 12:00-01:00, Friday- Saturday 09:00-01:00
No webpage


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