Step into my office – The Officer’s Club (Moadon HaKtzinim)

26 Mar

Once again, Adi called to invite to a spontaneous dinner. At first we wanted to come back to the Coffee Bar since it has just updated its menu lately, but thinking about our blog readers we agreed to go somewhere else we haven’t covered yet. We had a desire for Asian food and the chosen place was Moadon HaKtzinim (The Officer’s Club).

The Officer’s Club’s owners are the same owners of the respectful Tel Aviv institute – Giraffe. This place is the flagship of the Giraffe brand – Asian food with a fusion twist.

We shared truffles Har Gow Dim Sum – three steamed dumpling filled with chopped mushrooms in truffles sauce. The delicate wrapping dough that lay upon a tasteful sauce made this an amazing starter.

No, thats not a jellyfish, thats a Dim Sum

From that point we split up – Adi took the VEG VEG wide noodles with mashed mushroom paste, asparagus and green beans – a classic Giraffe dish that you can never go wrong with. I (Inbar) decided to stay with the starters section of the menu and took Thai Salad & Tuna fish Ceviche. The Salad was refreshing and tasty thanks to a good combination of herbs, cherry tomatoes and tender chicken. As appose to that, the Ceviche, which included fresh Tuna fish, cucumbers and (for some mysterious reason) some kind of noodles, was disappointing.

Tuna Fish Ceviche

Ending this spontaneous dinner we took a great light dessert – Tapioca pudding that was served together with small bowls of Sorbet, fruits salad & hot cinnamon topped with banana.


As I was writing the post and going through the check once more I have noticed that we were charged 1.5 NIS per person for security. Charging for security was a common manner in Israel about 10 years ago, and took place in order to help restaurants reinforce their security due to the bad security situation in Israel. I was surprised to see it in the check since I did not see any security guard & this manner has almost disappeared from the restaurants scene.

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale:

3 Forks

The Check please (2 people):
Truffles Har Gow – 47NIS
Tuna fish Ceviche – 48NIS
Thai Salad – 38NIS
2X Binymina Gewurztraminer Wine – 52NIS
Tapioca – 39NIS
Security – 3 NIS

All in all: 276 NIS

Food:  Asian & Fusion
Price:  Medium-expensive
Location: Ha’Arbaa

Contact details: Moadon HaKtzinim (The Officer’s Club)
Address:  21 Haarbaa St., Tel Aviv | Phone: 03-6851154
Opening Hours:  Sunday- Saturday – 12:00-24:00

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