Fur the Love of Steaks – Stefan Brown

17 Dec

Lettuce Salad (The food's food)

A restaurant which combines a rich history together with a chic Tel-Aviv atmosphere sounds great. When it adds great food to it, you get a place you don’t want to miss. Strolling down through the notoriously Alenbi street west from Rotchield you always come across few dodgy characters and many old stores. One of these stores happens to be an old fur store name Stefan Brown after its furrier owner. Upon the famous furrier’s studio ruins there is now a restaurant with the same name: Stefan Brown.

Arriving to the entrance, you can see the old studio’s sign. Enter through the lovely garden to the stylish restaurant on which authentic pictures from that time are hanging and the smell of steaks is raising.

Stefan Brown is well known for its steaks and meat courses, and when thought about going to a steaks restaurant we came quite shortly to a decision eating there. We took two of our friends, Tziki & Gal, to make it a foursome dinner. Stefan Brown is pretty expensive, yet it is now celebrating its Bar-Mitzva, so lucrative fixed menus are offered priced at 73, 77 and 79 NIS (including light drinks & bread).

Entrecote Steak (before)

For starters, we took a Lettuce salad which was good, gazpacho soup which fits garlic lovers, chicken soup which was describes as excellent and roasted eggplant salad with hyssop leaves which was very good and quite different then other roasted eggplant courses served everywhere else in the city (you can probably find it in every other restaurant).

Entricote (during)

The entrees weren’t as diverse as 3 of 4 took the 250gr Entrecote steak (you’ll need to add 16 NIS to the 99 NIS menu) which was served along with oven potatoes and shallots. All three agreed that though it wasn’t the best they ever had, it was a quality meat that was cooked exactly to the point (“a punto” if you as an Argentinean). The fourth course was a mix of grilled sweetbreads (same sides, the 99 NIS menu). The large course was more than satisfy the stomach and whoever fancies this kind of meat will enjoy almost a perfect course.

Skipping the desserts as we were all quite full, we agreed unanimously that was one great dinner.

Shahar & Inbar

The check please (4 people)

Lettuce Salad
Gazpacho Soup
Chicken Soup
Roasted eggplant Salad
3X Coke
Soda water
3X Entrecote Steak (addition 16 NIS each) – 345 NIS
sweetbreads mix – 99 NIS

All in all: 444 NIS


Food: Steaks
Price: Expensive
Location: Allenby

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Stefan Brown

Address:  99 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv | Phone: 035604725
Opening Hours:  Daily 12:00-Late
English menu here: http://www.rest.co.il/_Pages/stefanbrown/eng/index.html


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