Breakfast at Gilli’s

9 Dec

French Toast & Bacon

Everybody loves a rich breakfast and nothing like a Friday morning breakfast in Tel Aviv, just after your last shopping needs and just before your Friday noon siesta. Though very much crowded in the weekends, Tel Aviv’s Port has few of the better breakfasts in the city (few of the overpriced as well). Walking down the port you can pass along the beautiful deck and through the newly opened farmer’s market. When you get hungry, go to Gilli’s. Definitely the best breakfast in this area and one of the best ones in Tel Aviv.

Going through Gilli’s rich breakfast menu, you get a very nice variety, while the price is set on 68 NIS (pretty expensive). As a start you get a basket of homemade breads, fluffy brioches & crispy croissants which are extremely tasty together with some French butter and jam. To accompany your breakfast, you can choose between 3 morning cocktails (we liked the colorful mimosa).

Mimosa Cocktail

As for our breakfast, Shahar chose the French toast & bacon. Though nothing would be fancy on any French toast, it was very nicely done. The bacon though was a little over cooked. Inbar decided to take the spicy eggs & tomatoes (which is just a synonym to the common Shakshooka). Again, Shakshooka is one of the simplest breakfasts you can eat, and much of its quality is dependent on its seasoning. This one, though very spicy, was done very well and fitted the great bread basket.

Two small cappuccinos (included) has summed up the breakfast with ease and headed us the right way to the regular Friday naptime (coffee never affects us the other way…).
One small but very important remark: as Friday mornings are very crowded it is better to book ahead in order to make sure you get a beach-view terrace table. That way you’ll at least notice it a little less.

Shahar & Inbar

The check please (2 people)

2 Breakfasts – 126 NIS
Mineral water – 8 NIS

All in all: 134 NIS


Food: Breakfast & Steaks
Price: Expensive
Location: Tel Aviv’s Port

The Cizer-Kobrinsky Scale

3.5 Forks

Contact details: Gilli’s

Address:  Hangar 25, Port of Tel Aviv | Phone: 036057777
Opening Hours:  Everyday 10:00 – late
Oddly, no website

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