I Prefer yes to… Bartleby

20 Nov

November 2011 Update: The place closed its doors

I prefer not to” is the quote that is written on the wall of Bartleby, the pub located on the center of Dizingof Street. Every time I’m visiting the place I read this sentence again and again.

Bartleby is small place, some will call it a neighborhood bar, but as the night is getting closer the neighborhood is left behind. The best time to get there on a Friday night is 10:30PM, just in time to catch the last sits on the bar. 15 minutes later you will probably find yourself drinking your beer while standing.

The bar serves up 5 types of draught beer (not the usual Goldstar you’d expect to find in Israeli pubs) and some other types of beer that will come in a bottle. I drank La Trappe& my friend Adi choose Franciscaner.  Although there is No smoking sign in the place, it’s usually quite smoky. Next to the beer you can eat more than just bagels, but don’t get your hopes high. Try the sweet-potatoes fritters.

The visit can’t be completed if you haven’t run into Bernard, a very nice old man with a French accent that will suggest you to read your future from the palm of your hand. Ask him for a discount (usually 50 NIS) and you will not regret.

The place is located in the center of Dizngoff st., and there is not a lot of parking around so my suggestion is to come car-free.


A smoky-small bar with a semi-neighborhood atmosphere.
Average age: 27+
Price level: Medium
Music: R&B, Indi, Brit-Rock, 80’s, 90’s.

3.5 Forks

Contact Details: Bartleby

Dizingoff 190, Tel Aviv (entrance from a small alley in the side of the building)
Open: All days 19:00-late.

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